Amazon Luna | New Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming. All you need to know about Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service. How much does it cost and how does it work? It is now impossible to deny it: the future of gaming is increasingly on the cloud.

Amazon Luna | New Cloud Gaming service

After the recent introduction of xCloud in Game Pass and one year after the arrival ofStadia, the market is preparing to welcome a new competitor, Amazon Luna.

What is Amazon Luna?

The service is essentially similar to Stadia and allows you to stream games from the cloud to apps on PC, Mac, Fire TV and, interestingly, even iPhone / iPad through special web applications. Definitely strange the fact that the Android counterpart will arrive only at a later time.

As for the subscription, Amazon offers a Luna + games channel, which gives you access to a library of games for a certain price.

During the early access period, Luna + will include a number of games such as Resident Evil 7, Control and A Plague Tale: Innocence others.

It will cost $6 per month and Amazon provides the quality up to 4K with 60FPS for some games. Finally, it is possible to play on 2 devices at a time with Luna +.

Other things to know about Amazon Luna

First of all, I point out that Amazon Lunawill also enjoy the integration with Twitch : streamers will be able to stream their games and viewers will be able to participate with a single click.

When Luna makes her debut, she will come with over 100 games. There is talk of titles of the caliber of Control, GRID, Abzu, Panzer Dragon, Sonic Mania, Metro Exodus, Overcooked 2, Rime and many others.

Ubisoft will also offer its own “channel” on Luna carrying major titles such as Assassins Creed Valhalla, Fenyx Rising and many others.

Proprietary controller to play with Amazon Luna

Luna will come with a new proprietary controller featuring Cloud Direct technology. The controller will be powered byAlexaand will feature a multi-antenna design meant to reduce latency by up to 17-30 milliseconds.

This controller will be connected directly to the cloud server: we will be able to switch without difficulty from one screen to another, without the need to make a new pairing.


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