APP to Download Music for Free | Best 17 Applications

True music fans would like to have their favorite songs always at hand. They are people who love to listen to music at all times. On the train, in the car, on walks, even in the gym or during the morning jog.

But how to have your favorite music available? What was once a practically impossible undertaking is now rather simple. In fact, dozens and dozens of wonderful applications for the smartphone are available.

APP to Download Music for Free
APP to Download Music for Free

Nowadays we all have a smartphone. Thanks to the countless apps on the special stores we can make the smartphone functional. We can make the smartphone suitable to meet our specific needs.

With apps to download music for free, your smartphone turns into a jukebox at our complete disposal. But what are the best apps to download free music?

The question arises spontaneously, given that they are numerous and constantly growing. We have selected 17 in the vast jungle of proposals. In our opinion, they are apps that are reliable, easy to use, and also quite fun. Come and discover them with us.

ATTENTION: This guide wants to tell the vast world of apps designed to download free music. However, we do not want to incite piracy in any way and we remind you that the use of copyrighted music must be carried out in full compliance with the laws currently in force. Each user is responsible for his actions.

The best APPs to download music

There are truly countless apps to download music for free available today. Here are the best ever.

TinyTunes (Android)

TinyTunes is considered as one of the absolute best apps to download free music among the many Android Apps of 2021. It also has a very large database.

But be careful, in order to download this app it is first of all necessary to change the settings of your smartphone. Within the settings, it is in fact possible to give consent to the installation of apps that come from unknown or opaque sources. TinyTunes is an app that in fact responds to these characteristics.

In most cases the way forward is Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Unknown sources. However, it depends on the smartphone model.

It is indeed possible that the right path is Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources. Can’t find the right setting? Search with the magnifying glass inside the smartphone for unknown sources.

At this point, you can download the app and search for your favorite songs. Depending on the research carried out, various results can be obtained. Just click on the preferred result and the download icon. The icon is the one with the down arrow. Find it on the left.

Fildo (Android)

Fildo is also an excellent app for downloading free music to your smartphone. In this case, the app download is only available on Android. Again the database is quite large.

This app can be downloaded easily, but always activating the unknown sources. Fildo is in fact another of those applications considered not very transparent that without the changes to the settings cannot be downloaded at all.

Jamendo (Android, IOS and Web)

Not a big fan of the music currently available? Do you prefer to go in search of emerging musicians and niche music ? Great, Jamando is the perfect app for you.

It is in fact a platform that allows you to download music for free and listen to it in streaming. In this way you do not even go to fill the smartphone memory.

Although they are emerging artists, the database is very large. The interface is user friendly, simple and intuitive. Just search for the artist’s name or browse the catalog.

Phonograph Music (Android)

With Phonograph you can download music for free and then listen to it offline. This is an app suitable only for Android. Too bad, because it really works very well. Its interface is simple, intuitive, also suitable for those entering the world of music downloads for the first time.

With Phonograph, you can’t just download your favorite music. You can also manage your playlists. Also you can download album covers and even some posters.

Finally, without forgetting that it has a timer function with shutdown. In this way you can select the maximum listening time.

Napster (Android / IOS and Windows)

Napster, a name that is undoubtedly very famous and well known. It is now an app that has in fact existed for many years. But isn’t this a paid app? Yes, that’s right, Napster is paid.

However, it is possible to try it out for free. It’s worth it in our opinion, as it’s a really well done app. After all, there must be a reason why it has been on the market for so many years!

It allows you to download your favorite songs and listen to them both online and offline. It allows you to create your own song library. It also has a function for children, so that you can easily find songs suitable for their age as well.

Soundcloud (Android and IOS)

Soundcloud is a platform that allows you to listen to your favorite music in streaming. You can also create online playlists with your favorite music.

Finally, it allows you to share the songs you love to listen to with other users. However, Soundcloud does not allow the download of the songs. To download music from this platform, you need to rely on a torrent client.


RockMyRun is a platform designed for all those who love to listen to music during training. Among its most interesting functions, the possibility of obtaining an automatic change of the music according to the heartbeat. The music then follows your physical exercise and allows you to better focus on training.

There are many playlists that can be downloaded directly from RockMyRun. They can be cached. To tell the truth, however, there are not many other interesting functions it offers.

FreeSound (iOS)

FreeSound is an app that can only be downloaded on iOS smartphones. It allows you to download songs for free. The songs are placed in the Download section.

From here they can be listened to easily and in just a few clicks. This is an app very similar to TinyTunes and Fildo.

Music Downloader & Player

The Music Downloader & Player application is compatible with iOS. Anyone with an Apple device can therefore easily download music and listen to their favorite songs.

This is an app that allows you to download only and exclusively music that is not protected by copyright. This means that by using it you are sure not to commit any type of crime.

This is undoubtedly a point in its favor! Of course, since it is not copyright protected music, the download possibilities are limited and it is possible that many songs are unknown. However, it is a valid choice for all music lovers, in its broadest sense.

Simple MP3 Downloader (Android)

This application is ideal for anyone who uses an Android device. It allows you to search the large database quickly and easily. Once you have found your favorite songs, you can listen to them directly in streaming.

However, it is also possible to download songs. This way you can also listen to them offline at a later time. It is simple to use and quite efficient.

TubeMate (Android)

TubeMate is another really powerful Android app. It is heavy to interact with YouTube and allows you to download free music in just a few clicks. The search for songs is done in the YouTube database.

Once you have found the song you want to download, you can choose from various settings. You can especially select the quality of the download. This affects the size of the file. It is therefore also possible to optimize the space available on the smartphone memory.

Zedge (iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile)

There are many versions of this app available, compatible with iOS and Android of course, but also with Windows 10 Mobile. The app was developed for ringtones.

After doing a search, you can in fact discover thousands of ringtones. Your favorite songs can then be chosen as your phone ringtone!

Advanced Download Manager (Android)

Among the apps to download free music, we must also remember this app designed for Android. It is not only suitable for smartphones, but also for tablets.

It allows you to download music in MP3 files or MP4 files. You can control the download speed and manage multiple downloads at the same time.

This is an important feature, which allows you to optimize times. In fact, downloading one song at a time can mean wasting a lot of your time. It is therefore a suitable app for those who already know they want to download a lot of music.

ShazaMusic – Shazam Music Downloader

ShazaMusic – Shazam Music Downloader is an app specially designed to interact with Shazam . Once downloaded, the audio files are stored in the / SdCard / viaShazam folder. From here you can listen to your favorite music without any kind of difficulty.

The app does not allow you to download songs that are longer than 10 minutes. But the songs that long are very few!


The best paid apps to download music

There are many other apps that we feel compelled to suggest. They are not free apps, but paid. Precisely for this reason, however, they are reliable and of a very high level.

We talk about it because, just like Napster, they offer a trial period. The free trial period can be 1-2 months depending on the app.

Amazon Music (Web, Android and iOS)

Yes, Amazon also has a platform for streaming music. The service is complete, with over 50 million songs available. Unlike other apps, these are not up and coming musicians at all.

Indeed, Amazon Music allows you to access even the most famous songs of the moment. You can stream music, directly online, but also download your favorite songs to listen to them later offline. You can also create playlists.

The free trial is for 30 days . After this period of time, you can choose to take out a subscription, at 9 euros per month. To save money, you can request an annual payment, at 99 euros.

We remind you that Amazon Music is an APP to download free music for all those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime. However, this is a reduced version, not the Unlimited version which is paid for all.

Those who have an Amazon Prime subscription may therefore not be able to access all the songs. However, we can assure you that there are really many available.

Link:Amazon Music Unlimited

Spotify (Android and iOS)

Spotify is a very famous application. Its database is extensive, with famous and emerging artists. There are also entire albums. For some artists, the complete discography is present on Spotify.

The free version of Spotify has many limitations. There are in fact many commercial breaks, which cannot be skipped. In addition, the app offers some songs or albums and even these cannot be bypassed in any way.

However, it is a very good app. The paid version has no ads and you can skip as many songs as you want. Those with a little cash aside might consider this paid version.

Google Play Music (Android and iOS)

Google play music is a pretty good platform. It has a 30-day trial period. During this trial period you can listen to songs in streaming without any limit.

It is also possible to download up to a maximum of 50 thousand songs. Not bad, even considering that the download is simple and immediate. After the trial period, you can activate a subscription.

Two subscriptions are available. The first is designed for personal access and is priced at € 9.99. The second subscription is designed for families and costs € 14.99.

Deezer Music (Android and iOS)

Deezer Music really looks a lot like Spotify. The free version allows you to listen to your favorite songs with many commercial breaks. It is also not possible to skip any songs in the app playlists. The paid version, on the other hand, does not include commercial breaks and it is possible to skip each song.

Apparently this application allows you to get a really good audio quality. This is one of the reasons why it is spreading in an ever more intense and widespread way.

Obviously the quality we are talking about concerns the paid version. Is it possible to get a taste of the audio quality? Yes, thanks to a special promotion.

It is in fact possible to subscribe for a trial at 99 cents for three months, instead of the € 9.99 of the full price. It won’t be a free version, but it’s really inexpensive.

Apple Music (Android and iOS)

Apple Music allows you to listen to music with 256 kbps quality. It has a Beats 1 radio station, which is constantly attended by important guests as well as countless DJs.

Apple Music also provides a music streaming service, but there is no free version. You can choose between an individual plan, for € 9.99, and a family plan. The family plan costs € 14.99 and can be used by 6 people at the same time.

Youtube Music

YouTube Music is a service offered directly by YouTube. It is designed only and exclusively for those who want to listen to music in streaming. It therefore does not allow any downloads.

Furthermore, there are always advertisements. These can be considered as limitations, it is true, but it is a service that must still be considered of a high level.

Those who want to remove ads can always choose to sign up for a YouTube Music Premium membership. In this case it is also possible to download some songs.

The cost is € 9.99, but there is also a family subscription for € 14.99 per month in this case. Those who wish can also take a free trial month. It is thus possible to test the service for yourself.

Other apps to download free music

We are more than sure that among the apps we mentioned above there are at least a couple that meet your needs. If not, you can try the two alternatives that we propose.

Audials Audio Pro

This app allows you to have over 100,000 radio stations from all over the world, making it easy to find your favorite radio station. You can also record each track, to add to your own music collection.

There are millions of podcasts and you can listen to music quickly and easily, in just a few clicks. Just add your favorite music to your music library and that’s it.

Music can be streamed. But that’s not all yet. This app also allows you to access many TV channels directly from your PC or smartphone.

Free Music Archive

Finally, here is an excellent online resource, among the many APPs to download free music, which allows you to go in search of free and copyright-free music.

There are music pieces that are accessible to everyone. However, there is also a pro version with registration and subscription.

More than just listening to music, this archive is suitable for those looking for original and creative music for their projects. However, this solution is also worth considering.

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