Applications for Making Calls Free 2021

Do you knowthe best applications for making calls for free from your mobile? Do not worry if you have not been able to hire a flat rate, because there are many possibilities not to make extra expenses when talking to your people.

Applications for Making Calls Free
Applications for Making Calls Free

You need to know that to use these free calling apps you must have a good WiFi connection or a fairly large data rate, otherwise, they will not work properly; even so, they will be much more profitable than basic telephony services.

Applications for Making Calls Free 2021

Here arethe 10 best applications to make free calls from your phone:

  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • Viber
  • KakaoTalk
  • RedPhone
  • Telegram
  • Duo – Google
  • TalkU


Skype is the most famous application for making free calls both from the computer and through the mobile terminal. Skype is free between two people using the same application. If any of the interlocutors does not use the application, there are very tight pricing plans.

  • Skype allows you to have your account synchronized on all the devices on which you install it
  • You can also use the app as if it were a chat to send messages
  • It has options for favorites, people and accounts finder, recent activity, etc.
  • Audio calls and video calls are in high definition
  • You can make call recordings


Facebook Messenger

This option is ideal for all users who already have an account on the famous social network Facebook. For some time, you can also make free calls from theFacebook Messenger app,independent of the social network application.

  • When accessing a chat with a friend, you will see a button with a phone icon at the bottom of the smartphone screen. You can press there to establish the call.
  • It also maintains its chat function to write, share images, etc.
  • It has attractive privacy options, such as the possibility of not being seen online



Let’s face it, everyone has WhatsApp nowadays. This makes it one of the favorite options for users. For a few years, the popularWhatsAppcan also be used to make free calls.

  • If you enter the chat with a contact or friend, you will see the phone icon at the top of the smartphone screen, next to their image. By pressing there you can establish the call.
  • You can make calls with or without a camera, using data or using WiFi if you are connected to the web.
  • Keep all your messaging options to share contacts, photos, videos, etc.
  • Calls made from WhatsApp are encrypted, even if both parties are in different countries.



Lineis famous for being WhatsApp’s toughest competitor in the chat and messaging market. Also adds to free calls

  • Allows you to make free calls even internationally and also video calls
  • You will have the possibility to send messages, just like its competitor
  • Offers the possibility of adding up to 200 people to the call at the same time



One of the classic applications to make free voice calls isViber.

  • This app works as if it were a mobile phone. You can enter your smartphone’s phonebook and call all the contacts that have the application installed at no cost.
  • From Viber you can also make video calls and send messages, images, etc.
  • You can call any phone number even if the owner is not a Viber user



Another application that is pushing hard in the free calling market isKakaoTalk.

  • Like most of these apps, it allows you to send messages, create chats, share images and emoticons, etc.
  • With KakaoTalk you can also access your calendar and call contacts who have the app installed at no extra cost
  • It is an application with an original design that will delight Kpop lovers



Finally, we highlightRedPhone, a free and secure calling app that cannot be traced.

  • WithRedPhone youcall for free using your data rate or WiFi
  • It uses a complex encryption system that does not allow it to be traced either at the origin or at the destination
  • You can make national or international calls without limits



Telegramis one of the instant messaging applications, which has implemented the option to make voice calls.

  • Calls are end-to-end encrypted
  • It is characterized by having a high connection speed and audio and sound quality
  • It allows to block the calls of those users with whom we do not want to contact


Duo – Google

Duois one of Google’s bets to launch a messaging and calling application, which does not need to be linked to a Gmail account or any other service.

  • You can choose between making an audio or video call
  • You have an option to limit data consumption while making the call
  • The application is simple and light. It barely occupies 30 Mb on the device



WithTalkUyou can make national and international calls for free between users of the application:

  • If you want to contact users who do not have the application, you have a series of credits that lower the cost of the call
  • You can add different lines to your phone
  • You have an option to send text messages for free to members of the application


As you can see,the offer in terms of free calls is huge. You no longer have to spend your minutes if you do not want to and you will be able to enjoy a multitude of advantages when communicating through these applications.

Communication does not have to be expensive, so take advantage of all its benefits, with Wi-Fi, with data, with a camera and video call or as a normal call, whether or not you have that person’s phone number, sometimes only the contact will suffice.

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