Aukey Fast Chargers With GaNFast Technology

Until now, a mains charger was either fast and heavy, or light and slow to recharge. The manufacturer Aukey now offers chargers with the best possible combination with the new Aukey GaNFast PA-Y19 and PA-Y21 chargers which are extremely compact, but can charge three times faster smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Aukey Fast Chargers with GaNFast Technology
Aukey Fast Chargers with GaNFast Technology

Aukey Fast Chargers with GaNFast Technology

It was in December 2018 that the Aukey brand introduced these compact devices called PA-Y19 and PA-Y21 . Both models are delivered without cables and look like small conventional adapters, but they not only transmit power, but also greatly speed up the charging process.

GaNFast technology

Through collaboration with NaviTas Technology Ltd. , the first company in the world to produce Gallium Nitride (GaN) feed integrated circuits , Aukey has created new fast chargers for the first time using gallium nitride in some internal components, a technology that offers two advantages:

Charging faster than a conventional charger

So the new Aukey PA-Y19 and PA-Y21 chargers can charge the iPhone XS / XS Max / XR faster than other chargers of the same size. But in addition these chargers are also compatible with the Google Pixel 2, MacBook Apple, ultrabook, the Samsung Galaxy S10, a Nintendo Switch and many more as a powerbank capacity.

Compact and fast

In fact, PA-Y19 and PA-Y21 chargers are not much bigger than a 5W charger provided by Apple or the fast chargers provided with Android smartphones, with the difference that they include charging technology Fast new generation Power Delivery 3.0, providing up to 30W of power to charge your devices.

On the left the Aukey PA-Y21 charger, in the center a standard charger and on the right the Aukey PA-Y19 charger.

Of course these new Aukey GaNFast fast chargers are safe and reliable because they incorporate protections to protect your devices from overcurrent, overheating and overload.

Moreover, I did not find overheating when reloading various devices and actually reload faster Xiaomi A1 that I use regularly since it takes only 50 minutes to recharge this smartphone from 25 to 100% ( the end of charging the battery is slower).

The new GaNFast Aukey PA-Y21 and PA-Y19 chargers are available for € 33.99 and € 49.26 respectively on Amazon.

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