Top 9 Auto Clickers For Android 2023

When it comes to using auto-clicking applications on Android devices, the dynamics differ quite a lot as compared to using the same for your PC. It is much easier to manage all of the different parameters on a PC, especially from a third-party application.

Top 9 Auto Clickers for Android 2020

Similar permissions for a third-party application on an Android device requires layers of rooting into the operating system.

Top 9 Auto Clickers for Android 2023

The process is more complicated than it sounds. However, newly developed Android Auto Clickers do not require rooting of any sort to be used.

As we are dealing with a mobile phone, most clickers have a floating panel on the device screen from where you will be able to access and change the various settings. The list below is that of some of the best Android auto clickers in this past year of 2023.

Automatic Clicker

If critics were to hard pick a single auto clicker which they could rate as the best one of the lots, it would be the Automatic Clicker application. The clicker has been around to be one of the oldest, fulfilling user satisfaction for several years now.

You can customize the clicker as you want and the interface is very easy to navigate through. More than one click can be initiated and the application works perfectly when you are using it on other apps.

Auto Input

The Auto Input clicker does not require Android rooting. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store and install it on your device. This clicker requires another third-party application called Tasker to run. The tasker app keeps a log of all the predetermined tasks.

When you want to click on a specific point on the screen, you need to log in on the tasker app along with the number of clicks and click intervals. The application has both a free and a paid version. The paid version allows you to record multiple clicks.


The Tapping application is an advanced clicker when compared to its counterparts. Tapping lets users select not only the interval between two clicks but also the duration of each click. This feature becomes useful if you have to long-press somewhere on the screen.

The multiple clicks feature can record a series of clicks which can then be repeated over a loop. The clicker has a floating control panel which maximizes on being clicked. It allows for better usability if you want to frequently change the clicker settings.

Automatic Tap

Automatic Tap is a state-of-the-art Android auto clicker application. It is completely free to download and has almost a hundred thousand downloads to its name with a 4.2 rating. Alongside automating clicks, this application also automates left and right swipes.

The floating panel of the application has the start and stop button that can be dragged and cornered anywhere on the screen. The clicker is compatible with Android devices that support Android 7.0 and higher.

Auto Clicker Assistant

As the name of the application suggests, the Auto Clicker Assistant will guide you in automating your clicks on an Android device. The salient features of the application include setting click pointers anywhere on the screen along with click intervals and duration of clicks.

Single clicks or multiple clicks can also be set according to the requirement. A cool feature of Auto Clicker Assistant is that you can record and automate curve swipes and pinch gestures as well alongside the regular clicks.

Fast Auto Clicker

This application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and no rooting is required to the device Operating System to run the app. This clicker is a must-add to this list because of its ability to automate one of the fastest clicks in the industry.

You can set unlimited touch positions and also set the target touch area of the click. This app is a must if you are playing click-based games.

Auto Clicker 2023

Developed by Huau Apps, this application just requires permission to control accessibility services to automate your clicks on any app that you want. It has the quintessential floating panel that has buttons to start and stop the clicker.

The best part about the Auto Clicker 2020 app is that no rooting or scripting is required. It also provides language support in over 10 different languages including English. Both clicks and swipes can be recorded with ease.

Click Assistant – Auto Clicker: Gesture Recorder

Suggestive from the name, this application does much more than automating clicking on your Android device. From pinch gestures to curve swipes and two-finger zoom gestures, you can record and automate it all. No rooting is required and Click assistant is virus-free.

The floating panel lets you set click interval, delays before clicking starts, as well as the touch duration. The app is supported on all devices using Android 7.0 or higher. Other than the floating panel, clicking points can also be set using scripts though this is optional.

Auto Clicker

This app is developed by MGGM Corp. and a must-have on this list. The clicker is famous for its extremely simplified user interface. It is as simple as it gets.

All you need to do is add target clicking points from the floating bar of the application and set the click interval (this includes the number of clicks you want at one go).

Sit back and enjoy thereafter as you see the clicker weave its magic. The clicker just requires two permissions namely Overlay and Accessibility and you are good to go.

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