Auto Delete Message Feature For Facebook Messenger And Instagram

Recently Facebook launched its auto-deletemessage feature for Messenger and Instagram. Here’s the description and how to use Vanish Mode on Messenger or Instagram. It all starts with a simple wish: to make users more comfortable and feel safe while using the application. And starting from this desire, developed various features of Facebook technology.

Auto Delete Message Feature for Facebook Messenger and Instagram
Auto Delete Message Feature for Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Auto Delete Message Feature for Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Starting from the feature of deleting old posts at once, hiding posts from certain people, limiting posts, until – which have just been launched – delete messages that are sent automatically.

Indeed, once again, Facebook has been accused of being a copycat. Previously, you could find a similar feature on chat applications that were less popular in Indonesia; namely Snapchat. However, according to the author, we don’t need to pay attention to these accusations.

Most importantly, according to the author, the latest Facebook features that will be implemented on Messenger and Instagram are very useful. In fact, it is very important. Don’t we often find unpleasant events that begin with messages that spread?

And thanks to Messenger and Instagram’s automatic message deletion feature, you, users of the Facebook-made application, don’t have to worry about feeling the same thing. Want to know more about this latest Facebook feature?

Vanish Mode: Delete Auto Chats on Messenger and Instagram

You can usethis latest Facebook feature. Facebook introduced Vanish Mode. This feature is part of Facebook’s efforts to redesign Messenger, according to the company’s announcement in early October.

Available for users of the Messenger and Instagram applications Vanish Modeis an automatic message or chat deletion feature. As a result, users are free to send text, photos, videos, voice messages, emojis, or stickers which will be deleted automatically.

According to the company explains, the message will be deleted automatically if you delete the message. So, you no longer need to pull messages that have been sent and then delete conversations – like the previous step if you want to delete messages, right?

In fact, this is not a new feature that Facebook introduced. Previously, Instagram had already implemented it. Isn’t it that every time you send a photo or video, the file will be deleted immediately if it has been seen by the user? You’ve found this, haven’t you?

However, for the Messenger app, the appearance of Vanish Mode is something completely new. Which, according to Facebook Marketing, could be a fun new way to share files or information without requiring special attention.

Please note, Vanish Mode can only run if the user activates it. This means that you need to give the application permission to run the feature automatically. And if the user takes a screenshot of your conversation, the app will give a notification.

Later, these conversations can be reported to Facebook security.

How to Enable Vanish Mode on Messenger and Instagram

To use this mode is easy, really.

  • You can go directly to the DM (Direct Message) page of each application.
  • Then swipe the screen and select which messages you want to delete.
  • Meanwhile, to activate it, simply enter theApplication Settingsvia private or group chat that you have.
  • After that, you will see Vanish Mode on thepop-up menu.

And as mentioned above, this feature is already available for users from various countries. Just update the application, then you can immediately take advantage of this feature.

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