11 Tips to Become a Successful Youtuber in 2021

Becoming a successful Youtuber and earning a lot of money is one of the dreams that many people find today, and that is also one of the things that Asaljeplak tries to do.

But of course the journey is not easy, and even now, Asaljeplak always tries to improve and learn ways so that the audience of Asaljeplak’s Youtube channel continues to grow.

11 Tips to Become a Successful Youtuber in 2021
11 Tips to Become a Successful Youtuber in 2021

From the results of observations and experiments (hayah) so far, there are a number of points that you can conclude that can help speed up the progress of a Youtube channel, and these points will be tried to share in this article.

Tips for Determining Youtube Content Ideas – Not Just Gaming, Vlogging, Reviews, and Song Covers

Don’t be confused when choosing a content genre for Youtube videos, and don’t be stuck with the same content idea.

If what you think of in your brain are the 4 content genres above, it means that you will be competing with thousands (even more) of other YouTubers who have already jumped in and are even established.

That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in these genres either, because there will always be an audience for each genre as long as you can present something unique and according to the audience’s taste.

But what I mean is that the genres above have too many players, so think about other content ideas.

For example, creating a Youtube channel that specifically tells scary stories or a special channel for tutorials for uncommon musical instruments such as angklung or harmonica, and many others.

Just to share, Asaljeplak created its own Youtube Channel with a focus on presenting video tutorials (which are sometimes interspersed with hodgepodge of content).

The tutorial has also been widely spread on Youtube, but many have made it carelessly or improperly. Well, that’s what Aslijeplak takes advantage of, namely making the content clearer and more interesting.

Indeed, because while studying the results of the videos that were produced early on were not very good, but the results proved to be widely seen because they deliberately made better ones than what already exists.

Which topic is Evergreen VS Viral?

What is an evergreen here?

The point is to make a video whose topic will always be sought after and will not change forever (or at least until there is a new method or technology).

For example, for example (again) on the Asaljeplak channel itself, namely videos about “examples of XXX conversations in English” or “Signs that you have XXX disease”.

Both types of video topics are quite helpful in boosting the overall performance of the Asaljeplaks Youtube channel which has an impact on the increase in subscribers even though Asaljeplak has not been uploaded for months.

The reason is because both topics can be called “Evergreen” and will not change until the time according to Origin is quite long.

Well, you could choose video topics about games that are booming like PUBG, ML, or Fortnite, but the competition is fierce and unless you have your own fanbase or a personality that your audience likes, it will be difficult to boost your subscribers.

Or you can also try viral topics but you will need to update the video every time and every day so that it continues to appear on every topic that is up-to-date.

Roughly speaking, if you can spend a lot of time on YouTube every day, feel free to use viral or gaming topics, but if not, you should play on “evergreen” content.

Don’t Buy Sub and Don’t Buy Views

Youtube does apply a minimum policy of 1,000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to be able to monetize channels, but not all of that can be resolved automatically by buying subs or views.

In buying subscribers through service providers, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the accounts that subordinate you are active user accounts or not, because otherwise they will be banned by Youtube, so it’s useless to buy it?

Especially if you add subs but they don’t watch your video, it’s getting useless.

Especially lately Youtube has been incessantly cutting the accounts of ‘bulging’ YT users who rarely watch videos and rarely comment, because they will be considered spam accounts.

Then to buy views, YouTube has been able to detect visitors for a long time based on the IP address so that you can really tell whether the view you get is real or the result of your purchase.

Usually those who sell views will use automatic tools that can make it appear as if your video audience is increasing, but many of them use blacklisted IPs or are suspected of being vulnerable to bots.

The point is, just play naturally, try to make your video meet the 4000 hour standard first, then focus on subs, or even the subscriber will increase as watch time increases and video views on your channel.

Pay attention to Prohibited Content

In choosing a video topic, pay close attention to any content that violates the terms and conditions (TOS) of Youtube.

Some of the types of content that are prohibited include:

  • Sadistic content, murder, mutilation of living things, and so on,
  • Wikwik-related content, using titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and tags that smell like wikwik as well,
  • Content that is considered illegal such as how to hack, how to pirate software, and so on that will harm other parties,

Not only that, there are many others that you can read on Youtube TOS.

Also, be careful when creating titles, descriptions, thumbnails and tags not to contain banned words even if the video does not contain such content.

For example, if you have uploaded a video about “How to Shoot a Girlfriend in English”, the words “shoot” are still interpreted literally by a Youtube bot, so it will get a warning.

Optimize Descriptions and Tags

Talking about descriptions and tags, you should not be lazy and take advantage of the maximum quota provided by Youtube.

The outline islike this:

  • The description quota is 5000 words including spaces,
  • Only 150 words will appear in the eyes of the audience (without clicking on read more),
  • Total characters for tags is 500 words including spaces, regardless of tags,
  • Maximum 100 words for the title, use up to 70 words only (including spaces,)

By considering the outline above, then you will need to optimize how to enter keywords into it so that it will be maximized and able to compete with competitors.

This trick is of course very important for those of you who are just starting out or don’t have a wide fan base, because if you have entered the middle or top Youtuber level, it is certain that every new upload will be watched by subscribers.

Promote Videos Right

Don’t just upload it and leave it alone, it’s a video, but you should share it or distribute it to several other online media such as social media and websites.

Don’t forget when sharing videos on Facebook, for example, also fill in a few introductory sentences and also the video title so that readers will know more or less what is the content of your video.

Choose a Topic that is Rarely Made

The next Youtuber Success Tips is to choose and look for which topics are still rarely made, or at least even though someone has made it but you think the quality is still not good.

Choosing a rare topic is risky for the video to be empty of viewers, but the trick is to choose a topic that you predict in the future a lot of people will watch.

Make Videos Better Than Existing

Still related to the previous point, you can also use methods, namely making videos that are better than those that have been uploaded before.

This method has been and is still used, and even some of the videos have managed to occupy a fairly high position on the search page.

The two videos initially did not have goodviews, even tended to be empty of viewers, but due to the growing issue of TB (and now COVID), and also rarely making videos of the same type, in the end the 2 videos contributed quite large total views on the channel. Absolutely.

So there are 2 points that are proven from the video above:

  1. Making videos with topics that will beboominginthefuture
  2. Make videos that are better than existing videos.

Do not be lazy

If you choose the path of vlogger, gaming, and viral content such as the Candidates for Graduates and the Geledek Family channel, eh, Halilintar, then the word “lazy” should be thrown away.

Why is that? This path will be very unlikely to be SEO optimized, but it relies more on how interesting the video you make is.

If you are lazy, rarely upload, rarely promote, but playing on the path mentioned above, it is almost certain that your channel will be difficult to develop, even though it is not impossible.

Patience, perseverance, and self-criticism

This is an important point of all things to become a successful Youtuber.

Because without patience and perseverance, then you will definitely give up easily just because your videos are rarely watched even though they have been uploaded for several months or even years.

It will all be exacerbated by the mentality of being complacent, or not trying to evaluate the quality and performance of the videos you upload.

Evaluation how does that mean?

That means you have to keep learning how to optimize a video, double-check keywords, experiment with titles, descriptions, and tags, improve thumbnail quality, and so on.

Don’t be Money Oriented, Enjoy it

The last tip for a successful YouTuber is not to think too much about the benefits you get and get.

Being a Youtuber is easy,everyone can too, so thecompetition is definitely fierce, and that’s why you must always enjoy and put aside the matter of income when just starting out, while still applying the other tips above.

Originjeplak itself cannot be said to be a successful Youtuber, and even if Adsense income is combined between blogs and Youtube, at most about 3-4 months you can get PO, but all of this still runs in a relaxed manner.

The point is, don’t easily stop and give up, but don’t worry too much about making money on Youtube, because being a Youtuber is not the right place to get your main income, except on the side.

Because later, the real income will come from endorsements,product placements, leaving articles from backlinks, and so on so that while waiting for that to happen, Asaljeplak continues to routinely do the main work outside of Youtube and blogs.

Hopefully this fairly long article (pegel euy) can be useful and an inspiration for you, and hopefully your Youtube channel can move forward in the future.

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