Free PUBG Account – Login Facebook

PUBG Sultan Account Free Facebook Login– A phenomenal game in 2021 today is a battle royale type game. Lots of battle royale genre games have sprung up, including Free Fire, PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, Rules of Survival, and others. But what I will discuss in this article is the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game or what we usually call PUBG.

Free PUBG Account
Free PUBG Account

Free PUBG Account – Login Facebook

Pabji or PUBG is a game marketed by the well-known developer Tencent Games, this game managed to become the best-selling game on the Play Store in mid-2021.

However, it declined slightly because many started playing its competing game, Free Fire, which can be played with low-spec cellphones.

To play the PUBG Mobile game, you must have a cellphone with intermediate and upper-level specs, to minimize lag. Because this game has a large resource, HP, which usually plays FF, may not be able to play the PUBG game.

For the gameplay system, this game is almost the same as other battle royale games, when compared to Free Fire, it can be seen during gameplay. For PUBG in 1 game it can accommodate 120 people, but FF only has 50 players.

In the rank system, it is also the same as other battle royale game systems. The lowest rank in PUBG is Bronze, while the highest is Legendary (Super Ace & Invincible God of War). For more details, my friend can see the list below.

  • Bronze (Blood Bronze)
  • Silver (Unbending Silver)
  • Gold (Heroic Gold)
  • Platinum (Tough Platinum)
  • Diamond (Immortal Star Diamond)
  • Crown (Glory Crown)
  • Legendary (Super Ace & Invincible God of War)

You can play the PUBGM game for free, if you just want to try starting it, then you will be at the lowest level with the lowest tier. Maybe it will be boring, but friends, don’t worry, because I have good news.

Free PUBG FB Log Account

In this article, I will share dozens of PUBG Mobile accounts for free by using login via Facebook. I got this account from retired players, as well as from game forums, and from the PUBG phishing website results that I spread in groups. I give this account for free and can be taken by anyone with the following rules.

  • This account is distributed freely, so anyone can take it, who sooner he can.
  • One person can only take a maximum of one account.
  • If you have succeeded in getting one of the accounts, it is hoped that you will secure it by changing the password to make it more secure.
  • If you can’t get any of the accounts I provide, you can request an account by sending an email address in the comments column.
  • The free account that I share will be updated once a month every 1st.
  • By taking an account on this website, it means that the full responsibility belongs to you.

If you have read the information above, now just check and recheck all the accounts that can still be retrieved below. Remember, don’t break the rules.

Free PUBG Bronze Account

In this type of account, I share the PUBG account with the lowest rank, namely Bronze.

Email: 085546102936
Password: psssleman

Email: 089508170836

Password: sampangan

Email: secretdryn
Password: rainbowrubby

Email: flauraxyz
Password: flauraaa

Free PUBG Silver Account

In this account section, there are several accounts with Silver tier, but some are still in Bronze.

Email: GiskaAzahraIcha
Password: giskaazahra

Password: muhamadografianjaya

Email: 085213613855
Password: NorRaini

Email: Rezaaditya15_
Password: bakmijowo88

Email: 081380880754
Password: aurell537

Free PUBG Gold account

In this section there is a collection of accounts with a Gold rank, there are also several accounts in the Platinum tier.

Email: 085651042301
Password: lehip

Email: Meliyazuva
Password: bakulgas

Email: 082229067445
Password: paktotok

Password: steven_08

Email: ia_in_aja
Password: 081217178718

Free PUBG Platinum Account

Here I share accounts with platinum tier, mid tier where there are many people who play with mediocre skills.

Email: @ hmballah11_
Password: myname123

Email: Adityanugraha
Password: charismadewi

Password: b3rl14n

Email: Smoke_of_life
Password: ningrum110606

Email: arsbhndsdw
Password: 16051996

Free PUBG Diamond Account

In this type of account I share with friends a collection of accounts with a Diamond rank for free, please check one by one.

Password: 210902

Email: sky.generation
Password: sjygeneration123

Email: 085624104299
Password: SutantoAR3107

Email: Bagaskenario13
Password: bagaskenario76776

Email: janellaoii
Password: m @ l @ ndut

PUBG Crown and Legendary accounts

In this sub-section, I share it for free with top-level account mates, namely the Crown tier which is the second highest rank, and a collection of accounts with the highest Legendary rank.

Email: @ hmballah11_
Password: myname123

Email: Smoke_of_life
Password: ningrum110606

Email: Rifkymaker
Password: princesbiru

Password: pubgturk90

Password: kang.kusmet

PUBG Sultan Free Account

Now this is the account that you have been waiting for, on this account there are many accounts with full UC status, former top up accounts, and many premium skins. You can immediately suck friends below.

Password: Mejaaabund444r

Password: marcgunj33

Password: margog0lees

Password: loberon444

Email: secretdryn
Password: rainbowrubby

The account above is free, buddy, take it by still following the existing rules. On average, it’s still active and not used by the owner, so for example, you can, you can immediately change the password.


Maybe that’s just the collection of free PUBG FB login accounts that I shared in this article. Hopefully, this account can be useful for all friends and can be used wisely. If you have questions about this article, you can send them in the comments column. That’s all from me, thank you.

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