5 Best Alternatives To GarageBand For Windows

Best alternatives to GarageBand for Windows, If you are a music lover and want to create music, you should have heard of Apple music production software called GarageBand. Many hit songs, including Rihanna and the Fallout Boy songs, are recorded and edited with GarageBand.

5 Best Alternatives to GarageBand for Windows

But unfortunately, if you are using Windows, you will not be able to run it because GarageBand for Windows is not yet available. You can still use GarageBand for Windows 10,8,7 by running Mac OS on a virtual machine, but it is not very resource efficient.

5 best alternatives to GarageBand for Windows

So here’s a list from GarageBand for PC alternatives that are just as compelling and with great potential.


Lmms is free open source music production software capable of creating quality professional music tracks. It contains all the professional tools, but it is not as attractive as GarageBand, but you cannot complain about it for free!

It offers a wide variety of instruments, audio samples and preloaded effects that will help you create tracks faster, even if you are using the program for the first time. You can easily learn all the tools and their function by experimenting with easy-to-use instruments. So this can be GarageBand for Windows.


  • Compose music on Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Import of MIDI files and Hydrogen project files
  • Note playback via MIDI
  • Consolidation of instrument tracks using Beat + Bassline Editor

2. Mixcraft 7 | GarageBand for Windows

GarageBand is famous for being easy to use and has an extensive collection of the loop library. Users can quickly adapt to it and easily create a song by layering different sounds and loops. Although there is no GarageBand for Windows PC, Mixcraft has come to fill this void.

Mixcraft also offers a large selection of quality loops and displays them on an interactive user interface which increases the workflow. Just drag and drop a few loops onto the work area and Mixcraft takes care of the rest, including the key and the tempo.


  • Superb new interface
  • Over 7,000 loops, samples and sound effects
  • Multitrack recording with looping, Punch In / Out
  • Automated editing with copy / paste

3. Music Maker Jam

If you are a person looking to play music, this is the best choice.Musicmaker jam comes with free features and comparable ease of use of the software interface to create natural sound tracks. It will help you create easy and melodious tones and soundtracks without professional knowledge.

In addition, Music Maker Jam is available on PC as well as on Android and iOS platforms. Without any professional skills, you will be able to create a variety of soundtracks of different genres.

Music Maker Jam is not intended for professionals, as it has many restrictions when it comes to controlling music. Rather, it is a fun tool to hang out with. If you are looking for a professional GarageBand for Windows 10, this is not a good choice.


Ift is a slightly different approach to music production. Indeed, it mainly focuses on live mode, which is an interactive way to test different effects, loops and audio clips.

5. FL Studio | GarageBand for Windows

It first appeared as fruity curls. FL studio is currently the program most used by professionals to create and edit music. It comes with an excellent, user-friendly interface that makes things complicated. Fl studio has been designed for a wide variety of users, whether you are a beginner or a professional in sound production. Working with FL studio will be like cutting a cake.

Unlike other audio production software, FL studio has an easy-to-understand dashboard and workflow. A large amount of valuable information is displayed on the studio without complicating matters, making the user interface ideal for a smooth workflow. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to configure tools and windows to customize your workflow experience.


This brings us to the end of the list; We hope Apple will launch GarageBand for Windows 10 and earlier soon. Let us know which GarageBand alternative you are using on your PC and we will add it to the list.

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