Five Best Looting Places In Bermuda Free Fire

Free Fire activists will know Bermuda. The first map of Free Fire is also the most favorite map in Free Fire compared to other maps such as Kalahari and Purgatory. Another reason why Bermuda is more liked by players is because this map has a varying number of items.

Five Best Looting Places in Bermuda Free Fire
Five Best Looting Places in Bermuda Free Fire

Five Best Looting Places in Bermuda Free Fire

Each player has a different style of play, so players also have various looting places. Aggressive players will choose the hottest drop location with the best loot items to start the battle, many players want to loot items calmly and not fight right away. This is the best looting location in BermudaFree Fire.

1. Pochinok

Pochinok is located near the center of the map so it will most likely be in a safe zone. So, if the player is caught in an inter-team battle, the player can focus on the battle and not have to worry about the zone because it is in a safe position.

In Pochinok there were many houses and buildings so the number of looted items was scattered about. Even if the player is playing with a squad, this place can easily fulfill the item requirements for the whole team until the end of the game.

The distance between the houses in this place was quite close, but players still had to run for loot. Most of the items here were intermediate to a high level.

2. Cape Town

Cape Town is located at the eastern tip of Bermuda. This place is worth hunting for items as the houses are lined up, making it quicker for players to loot. Troops will find enough items here to prepare for the next stage of the game.

Since this location was on the edge of the map, not many players came here. This makes Cape Town has its own advantages and disadvantages. Players will not encounter enemies here so they can loot safely, which is perfect for passive players.

However, this place was far from the map center and other locations on the map, leaving the team vulnerable to ambushes. Players also have to move fast so they can get into the zone.

3. Mars Electric

Mars Electric is one of the best looting spots in Bermuda because it has many quality items. It is at the southern end of the map. Players can easily find powerful weapons such as sniper rifles here.

This place is also big enough that players will be satisfied looting here. Players can even forget to go to the zone. The advantage is that players can easily find vehicles to move to other locations quickly.

Another plus, players don’t have to be careless even if they don’t see enemies landing here simultaneously. Sometimes, players from Pochinok and Factory would go to this place to find more items.

4. Shipyard

Shipyards are also another place with a lot of loot. This location is rather small so it is very easy to grab all the required items in a short amount of time when compared to other players.

One of the best looting spots, it is a favorite for many. The only way for players to get a lot of items in the Shipyard is to survive the battle here.

5. Mill

The Mill was a graveyard for players during the initial battle, as a sufficient number of enemies fell here to pick up items. If players believe in their skills, then Mill is always the best place to get enough items, it doesn’t matter if the player plays Solo or Squad.

Those are the five best looting places in Bermuda. So, from the five places earlier, which one is your favorite looting location?

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