Tips To Get One Tap Headshot In Free Fire

Get One Tap Headshot in Free Fire: Free Fire is a shooter game that everyone must have tactical skills and abilities to rise to the top. In order to get more rank , players need to increase the number of kills and a quick way to score kills , namely by head shooting the opponent.

Tips to Get One Tap Headshot in Free Fire
Tips to Get One Tap Headshot in Free Fire

Tips to Get One Tap Headshot in Free Fire

We will discuss some tips and tricks to get one tap headshots more often on Free Fire.

1. Adjust Sensitivity

Generally, players need to set the sensitivity of the device low enough to make the shot more stable. Popular sensitivity settings for being able to one tap headshot are General Sensitivity 85 andRed Dot sight Sensitivity100.

2. Change Layout

Change the game layout so that the fingers are comfortable, especially if the player uses three or four finger claw settings . Try to keep the Joystick and Fire in the right position so it’s easy to tap and drag .

3. Pay attention to the crosshairposition

Aim the aim slightly above the enemy to take advantage of automatic aim. In Free Fire, when the gun is fired, auto aim will drag the crosshair towards the enemy. Therefore, if you aim upwards, it will automatically hit the enemy’s head.

4. Dragshot

Try doing Dragshot by pulling the fire button up and the joystick down at the same time. This will lower the crosshair directly at the enemy’s head and have a chance to defeat them in one shot.

5. Squat or Lie Down While Shooting

If possible, crouch or lay down while firing, it will increase the stability of the weapon while moving.

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