Best Methods To Spy On WhatsApp

It is certainly among the most popular searches done all over the web on how to spy on WhatsApp conversations. Obviously WhatsApp being linked to the phone number, only those who have the number and receive the verification on that phone can have access to the use of the most widespread messaging app in the world.

Best Methods to Spy on WhatsApp

In addition, even if you manage to activate WhatsApp you will not be able to access the conversions saved on another device.

However, there are methods that allow you to literally spy on WhatsApp knowing all the conversations by wire and by sign and read all the messages we send and receive with our contacts.

The methods are all illegal and obviously you must not do them in any way if you are not the owner and holder of the same number otherwise you risk legal problems.

The methods that we will describe below allow you to spy on WhatsApp with absolute certainty but you need a bit of familiarity and have the victim’s phone in your hands at least once or use hacker programs.

You will not find direct download links for the programs that we will indicate to you for obvious security reasons, but it is sufficient to Google the name of the program to find it easily.

Best methods to spy on WhatsApp

1 Clone WhatsApp

The most used, secure and totally anonymous method is to clone WhatsApp. Although the app only works on one device at a time, via WhatsApp Sniffer applications. This fantastic app allows you to read WhatsApp Webo family locator cookies (used for GPS localization) and in practice allows you to spy on WhatsApp conversations easily.

2 Spy on WhatsApp with these Apps

There are some apps, purely for Android, that allow you to spy on WhatsApp and read all the chats. These are calledOnlineNotify andWhatsDog which let you know when a contact is typing, when they are online, and when they go to sleep.

3 Find out which contacts you talk to the most

If you want to know if a contact speaks more often with another you have to go to the WhatsApp Settings then on the Account and Archive Usage item so as to understand with which contact you use WhatsApp the most and exchange photos, videos, documents and of course chat.

4 Use Cerberus

Cerberus is one of the most popular apps to spy on a mobile phone at all times. Not only WhatsApp but also listen to calls, take screenshots and much more. We can also issue commands remotely and it camouflages itself perfectly working in the background.

5 Steal WhatsApp Credentials with Wassame

Wassame is a free service that allows you to do different activities. We can automatically forward messages, change sender name, change identity and much more. In fact, we will be able to clone the profile without the user’s knowledge without even attracting attention.

6 Listen to WhatsApp calls

A hacker method is to decrypt and listen to calls made on WhatsApp using a small program that allows you to steal the WhatsApp Key by connecting your smartphone to your PC and doing everything through some ADB commands on your Android device. By doing so we will be able to save the WhatsApp backup of one smartphone on another and listen to calls and read chats.

7 Spying on web accounts

It is certainly the simplest method, opening a WhatsApp instance onWhatsApp Webto read all the conversations that arrive on the smartphone.

A notification will appear on your smartphone but you can also disable it and make it impossible for them to catch you, unless you see active connections on other devices.

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