The Best Tricks For YouTube That Apple Recommends

To a greater or lesser extent, we all use YouTube on our devices. It is one of those applications that some user rarely lacks on their iPhone or iPad.

That is why today we bring you some tricks that will make you realize the full potential of the most used video app.

The Best Tricks for YouTube that Apple recommends
The Best Tricks for YouTube that Apple recommends

The Best Tricks for YouTube that Apple recommends

1- Rewind and advance videos without sliding the playback bar

In small screens especially scrolling through a video on YouTube can be the most tedious. Luckily there is a trick that makes this task much easier.Simply press twice on the left side if you want to go back or on the right side if you want to move forwardto jump 10 seconds in 10 seconds.

By default it is configured to advance 10 seconds each time we use this method but we can customize it from settings to our liking. Being able to configure jumps from 5 seconds to 60.

2- Play in the quality you want

YouTube allows us to select the quality in which we want the videos we are watching to be played. To select it simply we must go to the upper right corner, in the three vertical points that appear, press them and select Quality. A drop-down will open in which we can choose between the qualities in which the video is available and those that the screen of our device accepts.

Of course, keep in mind thatif you are using a higher quality mobile data network more data will be spendingthe video playback, and that the speed of your internet provider will condition the speed at which it will be loaded.

3- Play 2 times faster, or 2 times slower, or at the pace you want

In the same menu from which we select the quality, that of the three points vertically in the upper right corner of the playback screen,we can also change the playback speed of a video. Simply press them and select Play speed.

There you can adapt the speed at which the content will be reproduced, and thus not lose detail of everything that happens, or on the contrary lighten a denser stretch.

4- Everything looks better with a dark environment

If you are tired of the usual white aspect, or if the light tones are simply not for you, nowYouTube offers a cool way. To activate it you just have to go to the app settings and then select “Dark theme”.

5- Schedule reminders to give you a break

TheYouTubeappallows you to create alerts of excessive use, so if you are one of those who lose track of time when watching videos on the network do not forget to schedule breaks every so often to avoid depleting your view. To activate these alerts go to settings and activate “Remind me to take a break”.

When activating it YouTube will indicate that we select how often we want to remind us to rest. Here we can select the time in sections of 5 minutes.

6- Save your pending videos for later

YouTube allows you to create playlists of different types to our liking, but by default it brings a “See later” call.A list to which we can send our videos pending viewing and then be able to see them at our own pacewhenever we want.

YouTube tends to update the videos that appear on the cover as new ones come out, and that often makes us lose sight of videos we wanted to watch. This way you can send them to the “See later” list so you don’t miss any of them.

7- Take advantage of the history or your list of favorites to see again that video you loved

With the “History” list of our library we can see all the videos we have seen on YouTube in the list, so if we want to see one that we do not remember the name, this can be a good place to search.

On the other hand,if we like our favorite videos they will automatically be added to the “Favorites” listso we can go to them whenever we want.

While it is true that the YouTube app has certain limitations, on the other hand it works very well and offers many possibilities for its users. Do you have any tricks of your own that you would like to share with us ? Go ahead, leave it in the comments section.

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