Call Of Duty: Mobile Announces Support For Controls Officially

At last one of the great updates of Call of Duty: Mobile that we were all waiting for has arrived, the latest version available in the App Store that you can already download incorporates, in addition to the expected zombie mode , compatibility with external controls .

Call of Duty: Mobile Announces Support for Controls Officially
Call of Duty: Mobile Announces Support for Controls Officially

The company has just announced that theofficial PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 and official Xbox One controllers can now be used to play Call of Duty: Mobile. Support for additional controllers may be extended in the future, but for now, players who do not use a compatible controller may experience problems.

Call support features of Call of Duty: Mobile

Support for external controls is available for all users, both iOS and Android. Already leudes used to play Call of Duty: Mobile and these are the official features that Activision has offered:

  • Controllers only work during a game. If you are playing Battle Royale or MP, you can use the controller normally. However,if you are in the game menu, you must use the touch controllers.
  • You mustconnect the controller before entering a gameand switch to controller use before entering the game.
  • Theplayers use a command will be matched with other players who also use a controller. If you are playing with a group and one of the members of your group uses a controller, they will pair you with other players who use controllers. If you are playing with the native touch controls on the phone, you will be paired with other players using the touch controls.

How to connect a controller to Call of Duty: Mobile

If you want to play your Call of Duty: Mobile with your PS4 or Xbox One controller, these are the steps you must follow:

  • The first thing to do is topair the remote to your iPhone or iPadthanks to the new options of iOS 13 and iPadOS . We turn on the remote in pairing mode and go toSettings> Bluetoothand select the remote.
  • Now we openCall of Duty: Mobile and click on Settings.
  • Within the Call of Duty: Mobile settings we will have a new section calledControl.
  • From here you canconfigure everythingto put it to your liking.

As we see using an external controller in Call of Duty: Mobile is very simple, we can also make changes to adapt external controls to our type of game. Of course,users who play with a remote will have an advantage, so it makes perfect sense to play only with each other.

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