Do you have an Amazon Prime account and would you like to cancel it now? Well, then you have landed on the right page where you will learn how to cancel Amazon Prime membership . Amazon Prime is a popular and well-known platform that allows you to access thousands of premium offers, videos. music and many more.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership
How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

I do not see any particular reason to leave Amazon premium, but if you want to cancel your main subscription, relax, you can do it anytime. But. Before that, let’s talk a bit about joining Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime is a premium service launched for Amazon customers to give them a few distinct benefits. All Amazon Prime members are eligible to receive their products without paying a shipping fee.

They also receive other benefits such as instant videos, an extensive music library, and discounted premium offers. You can benefit from all these features for only $ 99 and trust me, this is the best expense you can do for your convenience.

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership?

The process is quite simple and easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Here are the steps to cancel your Amazon Prime membership:

  • Open the Amazon site and sign in to your account.
  • Once logged in, select the “Your Orders” option (do not click) , then look for the “Your
  • Amazon Prime Account” option in the drop-down list.
  • Once found, just tap it.
  • On the next page, scroll down the list until you find the ” End Membership ” option .
  • Once you have found it, click on it and follow the instructions on the screen to confirm the cancellation.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the next page where you will have to click on the “Finish Now” option to cancel your Amazon premium immediately.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully canceled your Amazon Prime membership.

Do you receive a refund from Amazon?

You may be interested to know if you will receive a refund from Amazon or not? Here’s the answer every time you click the “Finish Now” button, then you should see a text like this. This text simply states that you will receive a refund after the cancellation of your Amazon membership. This is unusual for a subscription service, but it is welcome.

Last thoughts

That’s all! Here are the steps to cancel your Amazon Prime membership. I hope you found something useful by reading this post. If you found it helpful, share it with your friends, family and loved ones who are looking for the same thing. Also, if you have any questions about this article, let me know in the comment section below.


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