How To Capture Full Page With Mozilla With 3 Methods

Capture Full Page with Mozilla: Did you know that you can make a full-page screenshot with Mozilla without having to install additional applications or add-ons because you only need to use the features that already exist in the web browser?

How to Capture Full Page with Mozilla with 3 Methods
How to Capture Full Page with Mozilla with 3 Methods

Making capture or taking screenshots is sometimes necessary when we want to save certain parts of the web page that we are currently opening so that later we can look back offline because the file will be saved in the exact image format png.

Although there are indeed other ways to save web pages so they can be read again without having to connect to the internet by saving the web to pdf format, it all comes back to personal needs or tastes, and for those who prefer to make screenshots without additional applications in Mozilla then please follow the following guide.

3 Ways to capture full page with Mozilla

The following are some methods for saving a full one-page web page in image format with a screenshot via the Mozilla Firefox web browser, please choose the one that is considered the easiest.

# 1 – First way: Use the command

  1. Open the webpage that we want to capture with Mozilla Firefox.
  2. PressShift + F2 together then it will appear on the status bar.
  3. Type the screenshot [filename] [options] command. For examplescreenshot, page1.png-full pageor can alsoscreenshot homepage.jpg-full pageif you want the results saved in JPG format then pressENTER.
  4. Now the results are rough as shown in the picture above after the screenshot process is complete the preview will appear and the description of the location of the file storage results is the same as the download folder settings on Mozilla Firefox on the PC.
Capture Full Page with Mozilla
Capture Full Page with Mozilla

# 2 – Using firefox screenshots

  1. First, update Mozilla Firefox to the latest version of at least version 55.
  2. Then open the web page that will be made a screenshot.
  3. Clickthe Firefox Screenshots iconlocated on the toolbar.
  4. Then click the initial area where we want to capture, then drag the screenshot box to the bottom of the web page and click Save or Download.

# 3 – Use the mozilla toolbox

  1. Right-click on an empty area on the web page that we are currently open and selectInspect element.
  2. Then look on the right side then click the gear icon (gear) to open theToolbox Options.
  3. The next step in theAvailable Toolbox Button, check theTake a screenshot of the entire page. So the camera icon will appear next to the gear icon.
  4. Finally, to take a screenshot how to click the camera icon and it will be saved directly in image format (PNG) and the location of the file is in the Mozilla download folder.

Note: Steps 2 and 3 only need to be done once because if you have activated the feature then to capture enough inspect element then select the camera icon.

So some ways to make a full-page screenshot in Mozilla without additional software or applications that I know and have tried, good luck. Alternatively, if the above method is considered too complicated, you can try making a screenshot online.

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