How To Change PUBG Mobile Quick Chat Sound, Become Wibu Sound!

Do you like to play PUBG Mobile ? Are you bored with that quick voice chat?

Playing PUBG Mobile is really fun, especially if you play with friends. When playing, you are certainly familiar with the quick voice chat feature .

How To Change PUBG Mobile Quick Chat Sound, Become Wibu Sound!
How To Change PUBG Mobile Quick Chat Sound, Become Wibu Sound!

However, the voice of quick voice chat provided by PUBG Mobile is only in the English version. Certainly very boring if heard every day.

But, there is a way to change the PUBG Mobile quick voice chat. Come on, see the full way below!

How to Change PUBG Mobile Quick Chat Sound

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation, Light speed & Quantum, and Bluehole Studio.

This game is very trending in his day, even still crowded until now. This is because the characteristics of PUBG are very competitive and can be played with your friends interactively.

One form is the quick voice chat feature that you can use to communicate with friends quickly. You don’t need to type a message, just one click.

Unfortunately, this feature uses one type of sound in Indonesia, namely English. However, We have a way to change it, gang.

Before that, consider what the Quick Voice Chat feature is in the PUBG Mobile game:

What is Quick Voice Chat?

Quick Voice Chat is a form of interaction in the PUBG Mobile game. In addition to using voice chat and regular written chat, you can also use quick voice chat .

This feature is very important to use if you want to communicate with friends quickly. To access quick voice chat , all you have to do is click chat on the right side of the screen while playing.

The quick voice chat feature can also be used to indicate the location of the enemy or notify the team that there is equipment near you.

Quick voice chat will give you a handful of voices to warn your friends. You who play in Indonesia will get a female voice in English.

However, there are ways to change the sound so that the game becomes more varied and enjoyable. In fact, you can turn your voice.

Not only you can hear his voice, but also your teammates can also hear it. How to?

It’s easy, gang. Before entering into the way, you can choose the type of sound you want below.

Download Quick Chat Sounds

There are some quick voice chat sounds that we provide for you, from Japanese male voices to even baby santa. With this, you can give a number of colors in battle.

Previously, download one of the sound files that we has provided below:

  • Japanese Women’s Voice
  • Japanese male voice
  • Korean voice
  • The Sound of Baby Santa
  • Loli’s voice
  • The sound of Loli Kejepit

The file you are about to download has a .sav format , your cellphone might not recognize this file. However, your PUBG Mobile will detect it automatically when you start playing.

For the installation of a quick voice chat sound file , all you have to do is follow the way we have provided.

How to Change the Quick Chat Sound

How to Change the Quick Chat Sound
How to Change the Quick Chat Sound

The file that you downloaded from the link above should have an Active.sav name and format, you may not change this name. You just need to move it to the sound folder in PUBG Mobile.

To move it, you have to do it manually in your HP file manager. See how to copy the file into the following PUBG folder:

Step 1 – Copy the .sav folder

After you download the Active.sav file, you must find the file in the file manager by typing “Active.sav” in the search box.

Click the old file and choose Copy or Copy .

Step 2 – Login to Android

Return to the start page of the file manager , select internal storage and look for the Android folder . Then, you can select the data folder .

Step 3 – Locate the com.tencent.ig folder and click on files

In the data folder, look for the com.tencent.ig folder . After that, you enter the files folder .

Step 4 – Choose a folder to enter the folder

Enter UE4Game , then select ShadowTrackerExtra and select the ShadowTrackerExtra folder again .

Step 5 – Select Saved, then SaveGames

Return to the Saved folder , then select the SaveGames folder .

Step 5 – Paste the sound file in the SaveGames file

Paste the Active.sav file that you copied earlier in the SaveGames file , a confirmation pop-up will appear, then select Overwrite or Replace .

Step 6 – Open PUBG Mobile and your quick voice chat will change

Done! When you play PUBG Mobile, you will be able to hear the sound of your quick voice chat that has changed.

Easy to do, right? If you follow the steps given above, you shouldn’t have any more obstacles. You can try the sound first in training mode.

The final word

That’s the way to change the sound of quick voice chat on PUBG Mobile. Do you have another interesting hack for PUBG, gang?

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