How To Change The Font Size Of WhatsApp On IPhone

Font Size of WhatsApp: The size of the letter that appears on our devices is something very personal, whether for necessity or for pleasure, we may want to have the letter of the largest or smallest iPhone.

How to Change the Font Size of WhatsApp on iPhone
How to Change the Font Size of WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp is probably the application that we use the mostand in which the differences in the font size are most appreciated when reading the messages they send us.

In iOS, the font size is not changed in each application, there is a general setting that will make the letter appear in all the applications of messages or social networks the size we want.

This means thatif you decide to increase or reduce the font size on your iPhone, this change will affect WhatsAppand many other applications. Something very useful since you won’t have to change the font size settings application by application.

How to Change the Font Size of WhatsApp on iPhone

In WhatsApp for Android there is a specific setting within WhatsApp settings to change the font size, however in iOS this setting is available in the operating system itself, so within WhatsApp you will not see any option to change the size of the text.

The applications in iOS are all synchronized with the system and are compatible with what Apple calls “Dynamic Font Size”.

This means that by changing the size of the system text and enlarging or decreasing it, you would also do it innumerous apps such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Phone, Notes and also with WhatsApp.

To change the font size that appears in WhatsApp chats you must follow these steps:

    1. Open theSettingsapplication on your iPhone .
    2. Now go down to theScreen and brightnesssection .
    3. Below you will see an option calledText Size, enter it.
    4. There are 7 different options,adjust the sizeyou like the most by sliding sideways.

If even increasing to the maximum font size you still need it to be larger, Apple includes an extra setting to make the font look better.

To activate this new setting you will have to go toSettings> Accessibility> Screen and text size, if you then click on Bigger sizes moresize options will appear to increase the font as much as you need.

This isan adjustment that can be very important for many peopleand that is how you can activate on the iPhone.

We also have a wide variety of font sizes, so you can choose the perfect one so you can read your WhatsApp messages and it will also fit in the rest of the apps.

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