How to Check English Grammar on Telegram

If you are just learning English, you must pay attention to grammar in English. Usually, the wrong or incorrect grammar in an English sentence will change the meaning of the sentence as well.

How to Check English Grammar on Telegram
How to Check English Grammar on Telegram

How to Check English Grammar on Telegram

Therefore, it is very important to check whether the English sentence you are writing or talking about the grammar is correct. To check the actual grammar, you can do it manually according to the existing arrangement or structure.

But if it’s too difficult and troublesome you can use the online tools that you can find on the internet.

English Grammer

In short, grammar in English can be said as a rule or set that is structured and regulates the arrangement of sentences, phrases, words and others in English. With the correct grammar, it will make your English look more correct, good and also formal.

Check English Grammer

If you are just learning English, it is very important to make sure that your English grammar is correct. There are many ways you can try to check your English grammar, either manually or using a bot from telegram.

Like in this tutorial, we will use a telegram bot from the @fixmebot account, where the bot will help you check whether your English grammar is correct, if it is wrong then the bot will give the right answer.


1. Open Telegram, either through the application on Android or iOS or via a laptop

2. Tap the search menu or search icon at the top right

3. In the column provided, please type thegrammar checkeror@fixmebot

4. Then select the grammar checker account at the very top

5. pressstartorstartto start using the bot

6. Next, enter the English word or sentence you want to check the grammar for and send it,

8. If the English word you entered has wrong grammar, the bot will reply or reply with the correct grammar

9. If the English word you entered is correct, the bot will reply “The text is written without errors”

Note:usually after the bot replies, some kind of ad will come out, you can ignore the ad and go back to using the bot to check grammar in your English sentence.


That’s how to use a grammar checker bot on telegram very easily. Now grammar bot will help you to learn English better. In addition, you can use these bots to do assignments from school too.

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