How to Make QR Code with a Telegram Bot

Make QR Code with Telegram Bot: You must be familiar with QR Code. Now QR Code is often found in digital applications such as chat applications and social media. The use of QR Code is quite attractive because it is easy and concise.

Just imagine you only have a cellphone and a QR Scanner application; then point at the QR Code, you can get the information you want without typing. Very easy right ?.

How to Make a QR Code with a Telegram Bot
How to Make a QR Code with a Telegram Bot

QR Code

QR code stands for quick response code. QR Code is an evolution of barcode (barcode). In its use, there are lots of items that can be used as QR codes, such as product prices, WiFi addresses and passwords, website addresses, and many more.

QR Code Generator Bot On Telegram

Currently, making QR Code is very easy because there are so many web-based and Android-based applications that provide easy and free QR Code creation. But did you know that now we can also create QR codes in the Telegram chat application?

To be able to create a QR Code through the Telegram application, we need the help of a Telegram Bot called QRCoder. By using this bot, you can easily create QR codes without having to search for or download additional applications.

How to Make a QR Code with a Telegram Bot

1. Open the Telegram application and log in using your Telegram account. Click theSearchicon to open a search box. In the search box type the keywordqrcode, then find and select a bot namedQRCoder.

2. If the QRCoder bot is open, just click theStartbutton to immediately use the bot.

3. Type the text you want to make as a QR code in the text box and click Send. No need to wait long, your text has been turned into a QR code.

4. Click theShareicon to share your QR code with other Telegram application users. Or click the finished QR code, then click the three dots icon, and select the Save to gallery feature to save the QR code.

5. After the QR code is stored in the device gallery, you are free to share the QR code with other chat applications. Done.

6. Henceforth, if you want to convert other text into a QR code, just type the text in the text box and click Send. Automatically, your text turns into a QR code.


Only by using a bot in the Telegram application, now you can easily create a QR Code without having to download additional applications on the Play Store.

Meanwhile, to translate QR Code, you can use QR Code translator applications such as Pageloot QR Code Reader and QR Scanner application.

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