2 Ways to Check Laptop Specs Easily

If you intend to buy a second or new laptop but don’t feel sure about the specifications that the seller has explained, you can check the specs yourself, because here we are reviewing how to easily check laptop specs.

Laptops are important electronic devices to support work productivity, especially when everyone is advised to work from home because of the current pandemic, especially for workers and students whose activities are routine.

2 Ways to Check Laptop Specs
2 Ways to Check Laptop Specs

Laptops are not only used to help work, in fact laptops can also be used as entertainment media or to play games. So for now, many of the cool games including those on the Play Station can be played on laptops easily and comfortably such as GTA, FIFA, PES, WWE, and so on.

The latest laptops, especially gaming laptops, do have a price that is arguably quite expensive. Yes, naturally, because the specifications offered for gaming laptops do have special criteria.

If you are not sure about the specs you want or have just bought, please follow the method to easily check laptop specifications.

How to Check Laptop Specs Easily


The first way to check laptop specs that you can try to check your latest laptop specs is to take advantage of the DXDIAG feature. So here are the steps that you can follow:

  • First, please go to your laptop desktop
  • If so, my friend can press the key combination on the keyboard, namely “Windows Logo + R”
  • After that, a RUN page will appear containing a column, now in that column you can typeDXDIAG
  • Then my friend click OK or enter too.
  • Yup, a menu will appear that contains information about your laptop’s specifications in detail. So below is an example (sorry admin potato laptop, haha ​​XD).
  • Buddy can see starting from the computer name, what OS is used, what processor, memory, and others.

Using the Properties Feature

Another way is that you can take advantage of the Properties feature that has been provided. So how do you do it?

  • First, please, buddy, open File Explorer on your laptop
  • Later various options will appear, my friend can right click on ”My Computer”
  • Then various options will appear, my friend can selectPorpertieswhich is at the bottom position
  • So please click buddy
  • Yup, my friend will see a menu that contains information about your laptop specs!

The final word

How? How to check laptop specs above is very easy and fast, isn’t it, this method can be done for laptops with OS Windows 10 or even Windows 7. Please check your laptop immediately so you can recognize and understand your laptop’s performance!

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