Easy Ways To Check Your Mobile Legends Squad Blue

For those of you who like to play MOBA games online, of course you know the term Squad Mobile Legends. The squad itself has two ways to get the Mobile Legends Squad with a blue check or checklist.

When you look at the rankings and look at the top teams in Mobile Legends, some ML teams you will definitely find a blue check mark next to the team name.

Check Your Mobile Legends Squad Blue
Check Your Mobile Legends Squad Blue

Easy Ways To Check Your Mobile Legends Squad Blue

The question is how do I get a blue tick on mobile legends? This time our team will provide several ways you can try to get the checklist symbol. Continue to see the explanation.

The average team that already has a blue check mark is a professional esports sports team that already has a very popular name in the Mobile Legends arena, for example, like EVOS Mobile Legends.

The blue checkmark or checklist is very good if the Mobile Legends team is verified and officially recognized by the Mobile Legends team.

Cool right, your friends must be really jealous!Moonton itself has officially announced how easy it is to get the checkmark so that your squad is officially verified.

Two Ways To Verify Your Mobile Legends Squad

This time, the account consultant will give you two easy ways that you can try right now, but please note that these two methods have certain terms and conditions that you must obey, friend.

First: YourMobile Legends team or squad must be in the top 20

This position is not easy to reach, and if you are in a newbie position it is very difficult. It takes consistency and hard work to get to the first twenty.

However, if you can do that, you can get a blue tick automatically and prove that your team has been officially verified by Moonton.

Second:Join the Official Mobile Legends Tournament

The second method that Moonton conveyed to get a verification check or blue check is to take part in official Mobile Legends tournaments, for example MLLB Tuornament, MSC Tournament, and MPL.


Getting a blue tick in the mobile legends game is very difficult, it takes a lot of effort that you spend. Continue to play mobile legends later your ML squad will play in professional competitions.

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