Clone WhatsApp | How To Use Whatsapp On 2 Mobiles

WhatsApp has been working for some time on the possibility of using the same account on multiple devices at the same time, one of the most awaited features by users, in two words, to clone Whatsapp. Who doesn’t want to duplicate Whatsapp accounts?

Clone WhatsApp | How to Use Whatsapp on 2 Mobiles

Although it is not currently available, there are  alternatives  that allow us to  “duplicate Whatsapp” or to duplicate our account  to use it on two different phones at the same time.

If at any time you need to have your WhatsApp on two different terminals, in this guide we will explain how to do it step by step, and in all possible ways.

Clone WhatsApp | How to Use Whatsapp on 2 Mobiles

Before examining the different ways to clone Whatsapp accounts on two devices, it is necessary to take into account that, officially, WhatsApp does not contemplate this possibility.

In  fact, on the WhatsApp FAQ page, the company itself explains that this option does not exist, and in the event of an attempt to use the same account on multiple devices, bypassing this restriction,  our account may be suspended . You’d better keep this in mind before proceeding to read this article.

With WhatsApp Web

The most effective way to  have a Whatsapp clone on two devices at the same time  is through  WhatsApp Web, the version of the messaging app for tablets and computers.

Although it is a tool intended primarily for use via desktop computers, you can access WhatsApp Web from your mobile. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the secondary mobile browser and, from the menu, activate the “desktop mode” or “computer version”.
  2. Go to [WhatsApp web page] Log in with the account associated with the primary device
  3. Now you already have WhatsApp on two mobiles at the same time.

As you can imagine,  this solution is not the most affordable of all . After all, WhatsApp Web is designed to be used via a computer and not a mobile phone.

Therefore, chatting using this version from a mobile  is not the most comfortable way . Also, you will be forced to  always keep the primary device connected  if you want to use your WhatsApp account from the secondary device.

Third party app to clone Whatsapp

There is the possibility of  using applications that allow you to have the same WhatsApp account on two devices . But the reality is that these types of apps are not recommended  for various reasons.

The main reason is that  each of them is nothing more than a version of WhatsApp Web disguised as an application , so you can perfectly save the space and resources that this type of app requires and follow the steps listed above to use WhatsApp Web on mobile.

Furthermore,  it is never recommended to share WhatsApp authentication data  with third party applications, especially if they have not been created from official sources associated with Facebook and WhatsApp.

If, despite knowing the  risks inherent in this method , you want to continue, you can use these applications:


With this application, you can  clone your  WhatsApp account to use it on a second device or tablet. One of its advantages is that it  slightly modifies the WhatsApp web interface to make it usable on mobile phones , although it inherits the same drawbacks found in the web version of WhatsApp when used on a device other than a computer or tablet.

Another disadvantage of this app is that  you need to create a user account to use it .

WhatWeb Cloner

Another of the apps you can use is  WhatsWeb Cloner, which, as the name suggests, enables an instance of  WhatsApp Web on the secondary mobile  so that you can use the same account on two terminals.

In addition to that, the application has  some additions that may be of some use , such as the ability to download statuses, free up WhatsApp space by deleting files that the application stores and other similar tools.

The recommended option is

If you want to use WhatsApp on two devices at the same time, but don’t want to run the risk that WhatsApp suspends your account or that the WhatsApp Web solution doesn’t seem enough, it’s best to wait for the native function that will allow you to use the same account on multiple devices.

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