ClubHouse App | What Is It And How to Register?

In the last few days, the name ClubHouse has been busy talking in the last few days. But the question is what is ClubHouse? through this article, we will try to describe it in full.

ClubHouse App | What Is It And How to Register?
ClubHouse App | What Is It And How to Register?

What is ClubHouse?

ClubHouse is a social media based on audio chat, where users can interact with each other with audio in a virtual room.

Actually, this application has been around since April 2020, recently this application was popularized by Elon Musk via his Twitter, where Musk invited the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to discuss via the ClubHouse application.

How to Register at ClubHouse

Unlike other free social media, ClubHouse uses an invitation system. So you can only follow if there is an invitation or someone recommends your account to join.

You can register first as usual – name, username, phone number – and your account will be put on the waiting list.

Your new account will be able to join ClubHouse when one of the people in your contact has registered on this application and provided an invitation/recommendation.

Note: Each ClubHouse user only gets 2 invitations to share.

Available Exclusively for iOS

At the time of its release, ClubHouse was only available on the iOS and iPadOS platforms. Not without reason, this is because both iOS and iPadOS have a good audio and microphone ecosystem so that they can maximize the experience when using ClubHouse which is indeed focused on audio.

However, it is possible that ClubHouse will be available for the Android platform. Alpha Exploration Co., as the developer of Clubhouse, said that it is also working on ClubHouse for Android since last January, although it is not certain when it will be released.

The difference from other social media?

Overall, ClubHouse is actually almost similar to Discord, or even with other social media which also features a virtual space to interact with. It’s just that the exclusive ClubHouse registration system and several features and views that are focused on listening to chats, interviews, and discussions.

Clubhouse users can listen to in-depth discussions on various topics such as directly from qualified resource persons.

The start page will display a list of rooms and each room will display who is in that room. Users can join a room by tapping on it, or users can create their own room.

So far, most of the clubhouse rooms have an atmosphere like a TED Talk, where the resource person talks, and everyone is listening. Other users can join the conversation when the room moderators allow it.

That’s an explanation of theboomingClubHouse lately. Have you tried using ClubHouse? share your opinion via comments.

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