5 Tips for Making Interesting Short Videos on Social Media

Watching long videos like on YouTube is fun, but it’s all inseparable from teasers or leaks made on social media first through short videos.

This short video can be considered an advertisement to promote a content creator or video creator. If this short video is interesting, it can create the curiosity of the watcher to explore more deeply the figure of the video or content maker.

5 Tips for Making Interesting Short Videos on Social Media
5 Tips for Making Interesting Short Videos on Social Media

5 Tips for Making Interesting Short Videos on Social Media

Now, with a variety of social media offering short video features, anyone can start trying to create interesting content, for example, what the Likee application offers. Here are some tips for making interesting short videos:

1. Create a unique username

Before starting to pour creative ideas into a short video with a variety of effects and interesting content, first determine your username or name on social media.

Username can be the main key so that you attract attention and make viewers curious. You can create a username that is unique and easy to remember, so this is arguably tricky.

2. Create a personal image.

Not only do you remember your name, but what can differentiate you from other content creators is through your personal image. For example, if you like a particular hobby then turn it into content.

Not only showing off your hobbies but if you can share knowledge or tips and tricks in it, the video content will be even more interesting.

3. Remember, the first five seconds are important!

The content and visual effects of a short video can make viewers want to see it when the first five seconds of the video are not impressive. Yes, the first five seconds is a crucial duration that determines someone will continue watching or miss it.

In the first five seconds of your short video, try to be creative as possible to show the important message, costume or props that will be presented in the video.

4. Steal the viewer’s attention with writing

Even though the video is content to be watched, don’t forget to include text or writing that is interesting and maybe easier to explain so it doesn’t take much time in the short video that is made.

Currently, there are many features or effects to make text or writing more attractive, ranging from colors, fonts, sizes, to complementary effects.

5. Be consistent in uploading content

If all the points above have been done and proven to attract viewers to see all of your work, don’t forget to be consistent in uploading or creating content.

Consistently uploading the latest content will make viewers remember you and share the content with others. You can also compete with other content creators by grabbing their attention or stage.

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