Config Auto Headshot FF Definitely Booyah

Config FF Auto Headshot is one surefire way you can use it to shake in free fire, where when talking about shooting sensitivity it is not complete enough to be able to take down your opponent.

Config Auto Headshot FF
Config Auto Headshot FF

Because one of the tricks needed in playing this game made by Garena is shooting the opponent or target, especially if you meet a pro player besides sharpening in shooting, of course you need certain tricks that you need.

Config Auto Headshot FF Definitely Booyah

A headshot in free fire is definitely desirable for every player who plays, and to be like this is not easy! With the ff auto headshot config that we will share with you all, of course, it can be used on all the weapons you use, be it on a shotgun and so on.

What is certain is that victories and bounces will feel easy for you to get when you try to use the auto headshot config. What are you curious about? take it easy everything will try to explain it to you clearly below:

What is Config FF Auto Headshot

Maybe if you talk about this auto headshot ff configuration for some players, there are still some players who don’t know about it, a little illustration that regarding this ff auto headshot config is a feature that we can use in free fire games to easily aim at an opponent headshot.

A sharp and directed shot is the flagship of the config auto headshot feature that you can try, so it will be easy for you to kill a lot and the damage you get is large so it will be quick to shake.

And you can say this feature also supports shotgun weapons, so, what are you waiting for, immediately use this auto headshot config feature and win.

Just imagine, with just one shot the enemy will fall and aim automatically so it will make it easier for you right? In addition, the bullets you use will be more efficient and of course we are sure you can’t wait to use and try this auto headshot feature ff.

Download Config FF Auto Headshot Guaranteed Anti Banned

For those of you who are afraid of being banned from an ff account, take it easy because the features that we will provide are certainly safe from being banned! So it is safe for you to use and different from scripts that are easily banned.


You just have to download the config in the link we provide above, and of course you can follow in full on how to use the ff auto headshot config feature below:

How to Use Config Auto Headshot FF

Make sure you follow the steps we provide correctly, don’t miss anything until the end, and here’s a full explanation:

  • Please download the link that we have provided above first
  • Enter the Zarchiver application, and if you don’t have the application you can download it first
  • Then you can extract the file and click on extract here
  • Later you will find the extract file with the name Config FF Super Easy Headshot and select Subrek Rifhan YT and click Latest Config and there com.dts.freefireth then you click move
  • Move on Android -> Data and paste in all files and folders
  • Now it is active for config ff auto headshot and you can use it
  • Done

Is Config FF Auto Headshot Safe?

Even though this feature has been equipped with anti-ban, you still have to be vigilant in using it. Because this application is made by a third party.

So if you want to try using it, you should just use your new account and don’t use the main account to avoid being banned.

The final word

Hopefully what we say about Config FF Auto Headshot can be useful for all of you

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