How To Control Smart Soccer Ball With An App

Control Smart soccer ball With an App: I want to present an article to you the smart soccer ballwhere you can give luster to your skills on the field and teach you how to shoot better, the measurements are processed through a very light integrated sensor that once connected to the smartphone processes some information based on precise analyzes, but let’s see the characteristics in detail.

How to Control Smart soccer ball With an App
How to Control Smart soccer ball With an App

How to Control Smart soccer ball With an App

Smart soccer ball that you control with an app: Here is miCoach Smart Ball, the technological Adidas ball that teaches you to shoot better with the help of your smartphone.

Presented about a year ago during the Champions League final by Adidas the technological soccer ballmiCoach Smart Ball, which works through a Bluetooth 4.0 sensor placed inside it and an app installed in the Android or iOS smartphone and helps you to detect power, rotation, direction of shot and trajectory as well as guides and various tips to help you improve your performance in football.

The operation consists of installing an app from the stores on the mobile device and through a Bluetooth 4.0 sensor implanted in the center of the soccer ball makes a connection with the smartphone and the application at this point provides processed data showing real-time feedback on power, rotation, direction of pull and trajectory.

In addition, it includes tutorials to perfect your technique, with lessons, exercises and tips to improve the touch and control of the ball.

The ball

The characteristics of the smart soccer ball are circumference: 68.6 cm; diameter: 22 cm; weight and size regulation (size 5), its structure is composed of 32 superior quality heat-sealed panels with a sensor installed in the center with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher technology and with a rechargeable battery that lasts about 2000 shots for about a week.

The charging time is about an hour, the purchase package also includes the charging base for adidas miCoach smart ball with all the instructions for use.

You can find the miCoach Smart Ball smart soccer ball for sale in the best sports shops or you can buy it through theAdidaswebsite at a price that is around 190 € uro.

The application (Android and iOS)

The integrated application formiCoach Smart Ball can be downloaded and installed through the Android and iPhone (iOS) stores and once installed and connected through the Bluetooth sensor to the Adidas ball, based on your shots.

It processes and provides you with suggestions to improve the your power, the bend, the trajectory of the kick and the position with respect to the ball, you will refine your technique and your playing skills.

Knowing how to control and hit the ball well is the key to becoming a true champion, through the application you will also be shown video footage of your shots to help you perfect your technique even if you play football against a wall, you can also enjoy and watch videos demonstration tutorials in the application to learn how to kick the ball like a real professional.

If you want more information with photos and videos on the smart soccer ball you can go to theAdidaswebsite where you can consult other photos on the product and also a demonstration video.

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