Here Are Counter Strike 1.6 Cheats

Counter Strike 1.6 Cheats: It seems that there are a few changes in the game Counter Strike 1.6 2020 tricks that have not been dated for years. Although cheating actually reduces the pleasure from the game, many of us try these Counter Strike 1.6 cheats if we say that we are curious.

Here Are Counter Strike 1.6 Cheats
Here Are Counter Strike 1.6 Cheats

In addition to cheats, the cs 1.6 wall hack code is available on the Internet, but those who try this code do not have a lifetime, obviously, the cs 1.6 wall hack code both damages your computer and 90% chance of banning for a maximum of two days.

How to Activate Counter Strike 1.6 Cheats?

The first thing you need to know is how to use cheats. There is no such thing as let’s write cheats directly in the game. First you need to turn the cheat panel on. Here are the things you need to do:

  • Enter the game and  press the “é” key located just below the ESC key. (It  can also be said as ( () key. The key next to 1).
  •  Type “sv_cheats 1” command without the quotes in the opened console  and   press Enter. Cheats will be activated. Then you can enter cheat codes.

There is one more detail you need to know about using Counter Strike 1.6 cheat. If you are not an administrator in the game, cheats do not usually work if you have not installed the game.

CS 1.6 Cheat Codes

Let’s go to the cheat codes that will affect the game.

  • sv_gravity 100  : It is known as a fly password. It is the 100 statement located next to the code that determines your flying level. You can decrease and increase this.
  • bot_difficulty  : Used to adjust bot difficulty level.
  • pausable 0  : Command used to start the game.
  • pausable 1  : The command used to stop the game.
  • nextmap  : It provides the display of the next map.
  • restart  : Used to restart the game.
  • + reload  : It is one of the modes that allows you to shoot continuously. It enables automatic magazine change continuously.
  • cl_bobcycle0  : Enables showing the gun completely.
  • gl_zmax3600  : It also allows you to see behind the wall.
  • timeleft  : Used to show how long the episode is left.
  • notarget  : Used to be invisible in the game.
  • impulse102  : Adding a visual plus to the game, it provides bone fractures and blood stains.
  • noclip  : It is known as the most used code among Counter Strike 1.6 cheats. It allows you to go through the walls and carry out surprise attacks. The most important advantage given to the players here is that the bullets fired behind the walls affect the enemies.
  • give_weapon_name  : To get the weapon you want, simply type the name of the weapon into the section that says “weapon”.
  • hud_fastswitch  : It is the code used to change weapons very fast.
  • Currentmap  : It will display the name of the department.
  • mp_startmoney 60000  : Used to make money 60000 initially. You can change the 60000 value.
  • -reload  : Auto magazine filling code is a code that works continuously. This code is used to stop.
  • sv_wateraccelerate  : Used to walk faster on the water.
  • bot_kill  : This is the code that makes all the bots die.
  • bot_zombie1  : Makes all bots freeze until the time you set.
  • bot_goto_mark  : It is used as the code that allows bots to be constantly directed to a certain area.
  • bot_sniper_only  : Bots only use sniper weapons. It makes the game more challenging.
  • bot_pistols_only  : Bots only use pistols and other weapons are not used.
  • bot_knives_only1  : The code that allows bots to use knives only. It will make the game a little easier.

Counter Strike 1.6 cheats  and  CS 1.6 cheat code  have been shared at the top for you. You can support us in the comments section.

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