How to Create a Whatsapp Live Chat Link

The WhatsApp and Instagram applications are currently widely used by many people, especially business people or businesses such as buying and selling, endorsements, and so on. With this application, they feel very helpful because they can easily reach their consumers.

How to Create a Whatsapp Live Chat Link
How to Create a Whatsapp Live Chat Link

How to Create a Whatsapp Live Chat Link

Users or sellers can easily paste or enter a WhatsApp link on their Instagram profile so that it can be used as a contact for other users to make it easier when they want to ask about products or establish collaborations. Then, how do you make a WhatsApp link to go directly to chat? Check out the explanation below.

1. Using the API Link

1. The first step to create a WhatsApp link directly to the intended contact, you can use the following link:

In the mobile number section, please replace it with your WA number or the number you want to go to.

2. If you use the link, you can go directly to the chat to that number, but the message you want to send is not there. If you want to make a message template directly, you can follow the following link:

Please fill in the message that you want to convey after & text = , then add % 20 to add % 20 to the space in each word. Like the example link above.

3. Done.

2. Using the link

The second way to create a WhatsApp link is to use the link. This method is the same as the previous method except this method looks more concise. Immediately, see the steps below.

1. First, specify the WhatsApp number and the desired message content. If so, please follow the example link below:

The link above is an example if you don’t want to add a message template.

2. To add a text template in it, please use the following example link:

The text template you wish to add can be added after ? Text = and to separate individual words or spaces use % 20 or + .

3. Apart from that, you can also add text with Enter in it. 

4. To make it like the picture above, you just need to add % 0A after the word. An example is like the link below.

5. Done.

3. Using

Besides being able to use some of the links above, you can also use the link. However, basically you have made a link link like the previous method. So, the link will be compressed again using Immediately, please refer to the steps below.

1. First, please open the website on your mobile web browser.

2. Then, please click the three lines icon in the upper right corner. 

3. Then, please sign up if you don’t have an account and log in if you already have an account.

4. Please select which platform you want to use as this log.

5. Then, if you have entered, please click Create.

6. Then, please paste the WhatsApp link that you created using the previous method. Then, please click Create.

Back-half column.

7. Then, you can customize your link. Please create a link name according to your wishes in the Customize Back-half column.

8. Then, click Save.

9. Then, if an error appears, it means that your link has been used by someone else. Please search again for the link name that suits you.

10. Successful

11. Done. You just have to enter it on your Instagram profile. Please follow the method below.

4. Creating a WA link on your Instagram profile

1. After you have set up the link that goes directly to your WhatsApp using the method you choose, the next step is to enter it into your Instagram profile.

2. Please open the Instagram application on your mobile.

3. Then, please click the profile in the right corner. Then, please select Edit Profile. As shown in the image below.

4. Then, in the Website column, please enter the link that you created earlier. Then, don’t forget to click the tick icon in your top right corner to save your changes.

5. Done. Then you will see a WhatsApp link on your Instagram profile display.

6. Anyone can click on the link.

7. Then, your WhatsApp application will automatically open and immediately a message will be sent in it.

8. Done.

So many articles this time discussing how to create a WhatsApp link so you can go directly to the chat you want. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for you.

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