How To Create Filters For Instagram And Facebook

The filters of Facebook , Snapchat and Instagram have become indispensable for all those people who travel every day with the different social networks.

How to create filters for Instagram and Facebook
How to create filters for Instagram and Facebook

How to create filters for Instagram and Facebook

Especially since the arrival of ephemeral stories on the platforms directed by Mark Zuckerberg, wheremore and more people rely on the different masksoffered by social networks to share the best moments of their day to day.

From the mythical puppy mask sticking out his tongue to more recent ones such as the Paquita Salasfilter. Did you know that you can also create your own? In May 2018, the company led by Zuckerberg presented the beta version of Spark AR , its first application to develop filters for both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook opens filter design to everyone

Since then, a small group of people have been creating all kinds of filters for use and enjoyment of the millions of users who have an account on the different platforms. A year later,the platform has opened the design of filters to everyone, so anyone who has this tool can create their own.

To create a filter for Facebook or Instagramyou just have to download the Spark AR Studio application, available for both PC and Mac. After installing it, the platform will offer you the necessary documentation to develop your own filter, as well as different tutorials and guides for Complete your first design successfully.

How to use your filter on Instagram and Facebook

If you find it too complicated, you can take as reference any of the eight examples offered by the platform andedit them to your liking. In this way, you will not have to create a filter from scratch, a process that can be quite complex if you decide to move on from the different tutorials offered by the platform.

When you have completed your filter, you will only have to click on theSend to Devicebutton in case you want to check how the filter looks on your mobile phone orSend to Appto test it onFacebook or Instagramcameras.

If you have opted for the first option, download the Spark AR Player application to enjoy the content. In case you have chosenSend to App, the application will generate a link that you must send to your mobile to be able to use it on Instagram.

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