How To Deactivate The Double Blue Check Of WhatsApp On Android

Deactivate the Double Blue Check of WhatsApp: The latest update of the messaging program has reached Google Play, so Android users no longer have to resort to advanced tricks to disable read confirmation.

How to Deactivate the Double Blue Check of WhatsApp on Android
How to Deactivate the Double Blue Check of WhatsApp on Android

How to Deactivate the Double Blue Check of WhatsApp on Android

If you are an Android user youcan now officially update WhatsApp and deactivate the double blue check.It is not necessary to continue using other tricksor manually install the application, becausethe latest version of WhatsApp has arrived on Google Play, whose main novelty is that we can finally stop telling our contacts when we have read their messages.

Update the application from Play Store

If you do not have automaticapplicationupdates enabled, you have to access Google Play through thePlay Storeicon , thenMy applicationsand press theUpdate all option.

WhatsApp will be updated toversion 2.11.476which is the one thatofficiallydeactivates the hatedblue double check.In the SER chain we have used a Motorola Moto G (2014) with Android L to perform the check, with the latest version of Google Play.

Disable the ‘double blue check’ in five easy steps

It’s easy, just open the application and follow these steps, or follow the video below:

    1. Touch the options icon (• • • vertical)
    2. TouchSettings
    3. AccessAccount Info
    4. AccessPrivacy
    5. Go down, and at the bottom you can deactivate thereading confirmation.

You do not have to do anything else. But wait,have you thought that if you disable this option you will stop seeing when others have read your message?Confirm or not is reciprocal: not valid for curious In case you regret it, you can always activate it again from this menu.

I use Apple. What’s up with me

If you have an iPhone, you still cannot deactivate it. As always happens in these cases, the official update arrives before the Google store, where the process of verifying new versions is faster.

In case you have iOS, you still have to wait. And at the momentit is not known when this update will arrive. But, once we have Android in our hands, everything seems to indicate that it is closer.

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