Death Stranding Guide – Trophies And Missions

Welcome to theDeath Stranding Guide, a title developed byKojima Productions, currently available forPS4and on PC in the summer of 2020. Below is the guide on how tounlock the trophiesin the game. There are also video guides on how to solve some missions and findEaster Eggs.

Death Stranding Guide - Trophies and Missions
Death Stranding Guide – Trophies and Missions

Death Stranding Guide – Trophies and Missions

Make an exchange with another courier for the first time. Trophy [Bronze]

TheCouriers NPCare randomici throughout the central region. They are groups of 2-3 characters that walk(appear offline and online). They are couriers (delivery workers) just like Sam and they wear a white suit. They occur most frequently in the eastern half (right side) of the central region.

They are most frequently found in the following structures: Engineering, Craftsman, Elder, Director, Junk Dealer. But you can also see them running in the desert. They will not go to the snowy mountainous region.

Once you accidentally meet these porters / delivery workers, be sure togive them as many likes aspossible with the Touchpad. Then open the inventory, equip a one-handed load and place the load on the floor in front of them.

If they are interested, they will take it. Give them some other items until they offer you one of them(they will reach out to offer it). Get their offer and the trophy will unlock!

Death Stranding Guide – Sweet Dreams Trophy, BB (How to calm BB)

Calm a crying BB and make him stop crying for the first time. Trophy [Bronze]

The easiest way tomake BB cry is to fall. Just run down a hill and stumble on some rocks, so that Sam lands on his chest(where BB is attacked). BB’s container will start to turn red and you will hear it cry.

Now hold L1 – press Down -: Square to calm BB – slowly move the controller up and down – this will swing BB up and down and after a few seconds the trophy will appear.

Death Stranding Guide – Pioneer Trophy (elimination of the MULI camp)

Help couriers through an area of ​​MULI or terrorists for the first time. Trophy [Bronze]

We recommend that you firstunlock the Lv Non-Lethal Assault Rifle. 1. You get it automatically in chapter 4. It’s not mandatory, but it makes conquering the trophy easier.

Now go to a MULE camp in the central region and stun all the enemies. MULE fields are marked on the world map by orange outlines. They contain enemies who try to steal your load and drive you out.

To get the trophy you have tostun all the enemies in a single camp. If done correctly, a text message will also appear at the bottom left ”Porters will be able to temporarily cross this area”.

Make sure you really stun each of them. Use the scanner: r1: to locate enemies when they hide. It is recommended to go to thefield south of Lake Knot City, you will find very few enemies and no reinforcement driving on trucks.

The reason you should use the assault rifle is because it makes knockouts easy enough. The Bola pistol is not recommended as it only traps soldiers with a rope (it does not “stun” them) and they will free themselves after a few seconds. Alternatively, ram them with vehicles (trucks / trikes), or use bare hands to hit them or throw goods.

Death Stranding – Easter Egg Conan O’Brien (Where to find Conan)

This video shows where tofind the position of the Easter Egg Conan O’Brien in Death Stranding. You can find Conan at the Cosplayer facility in the central region. Conan will tell some information and jokes about the otters and give theotter hat. It allows you to row like an otter in rivers!

Here are the steps needed to locate Conan:

1) Accept the order for Sam[Order no. 37]Delivery of the sewing kit: Cosplayer. It can be found after Order 38 in a random terminal in the Central Region. The search is usually in “South Knot City” or “Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City”.

If it is not present, check the terminals of other structures or sleep in a private room. The starting position changes with the passage of time.

2) Deliver the cargo to the Cosplayer.

3) Here you find Conan O’Brien! Meet Conan after talking to the Cosplayer. He tells you a few jokes about otters and gives you a otter hat!

Death Stranding – How to obtain the Reverse Trike vehicle: “Ride” Type

This guide explains how to unlockthe manufacturing plan for the Reverse Trike “Ride”:

  • Collect memory chip # 31
  • Redeem the chip in a terminal
  • Now you can create this vehicle

It is necessary for the “Homo Faber” trophy(Factory all weapons and all available equipment). All other manufacturing plans you receive from the story, Orders for Sam, level up the structures.

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