Destiny 2: Where’s Xur 2023?

Here we are back with the usual Friday column on our favorite itinerant merchant: let’s find out together where he is and what he sells this week. Xur has decided to go on a trip on NESSUS this week , here as always a screenshot of its exact location.But what exactly does Xur offer us this week? Let’s find out together!

Destiny 2: Where's Xur 2020?

Where’s Xur in Destiny2

The glove for the titans(WORMGOD CARESS) has a really ridiculous duration of its buff, however effective the exotic in question is branded by most as inconsistent and discarded in favor of others … not the top purchase of the week, let’s say.

Already more interesting insteadTHE DRAGON’S SHADOW, an exotic for hunters who like to dodge: with 100 in recovery and 50 in mobility you can panic maximizing mobility at the first dodge, and having 100 and 100 is not something to be underestimated …

STARFIRE PROTOCOL, on theother hand, is in my opinion one of those pieces of equipment that have no practical use … unfortunately there are also those.

Finally, theTRACTOR CANNON, meme aside … will not be the best weapon in the game but it is certainly one of the most fun, try it!

Finally, for 97 LS we have the usualFated Engramwhich will contain a random Exotic among those you are missing, while the “Five of Swords” Challenge card is also available for free, which allows you to apply modifiers in Cala la Notte. The harder the modifiers, the more your score will go up!

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