Disable Fire Stick Sleep | 2 Methods

If you use Amazon’s dongle, you have almost certainly noticed that there is no option available todisable hibernation on the Fire Stick, after a certain period of inactivity.

Disable Fire Stick Sleep
Disable Fire Stick Sleep

Disable Fire Stick Sleep | 2 Methods

Having your device suspended after a certain amount of time is quite frustrating, especially for those who use Kodi since many add-ons lose their settings if you have not properly quit the application.

To overcome this problem, I have decided to make this guide and finally show you two methods that will allow you todisable sleep on Fire TV Stick, quickly and easily. Specifically we will show you how:

  1. Use ADBlinkto change an invisible option related to the screensaver and shutdown.
  2. Install an applicationto keep the screen active, thus preventing the Fire Stick from going to sleep.

Before continuing, we recommend reading the articles listed below, if they are to your liking.

What To Do Before Disabling Sleep On Fire Stick

In both cases, before proceeding, it is necessary toenable both the ADB Debuggingandthe installation from unknown sourcesand then immediately afterinstalling the ADBLink program. To do this, you need to follow the instructions below:

To enable these options, you need to start the Fire TV Stick, scroll to the right and click on the gear icon to access thesettings. Then click onmy Fire TV->Developer options-> Click on the items:ADB Debugging andApplications from unknown sources(turn on).

Once this is done, you need to locate the IP address of your Fire TV Stick. To locate it, simply go tosettings->My Fire TV->Information->Network. On the right there should be the entry IP address.

Write down that address, you will need it later.

ADBlink | Download, Installation And Configuration

Next, you will need to download and install ADBlink on your PC. To do this, simply connect tothis pageand click onadbLink 4.6 for Windows / macOS / Linux. (Version may change over time).

Once installed, follow the procedure described below so that the ADBlink program communicates with your Fire TV Stick.

  • Run ADBlinkon your PC.
  • Click on theNew button
  • A small window will open,enter a description
  • Enter the IP address of your Fire TV Stick, found earlier.
  • Click theSavebutton to save the changes.
  • Then click onConnect.
  • An error pop-up may appear, in which case you need togrant permissions from the Fire TV Stick, as in the photo below.

If everything went well, the Fire TV Stick should appear in the “Connected devices” section and under the heading “Connection status” it should read:IP connection.

How To Disable Hibernation On Fire Stick Via The ADBlink Utility

In this paragraph, we will show you two methods that will allow you to disable sleep on Fire TV Stick. The first method will use autilityintegrated in ADBlink, while with the second it will be necessary to execute certain commands through theintegrated Shell.

Once the connection between ADBlink (on your PC) and the Amazon Fire TV Stick has been made, it is necessary to run ADBlink, click on theUtilitysection in the top menu and from the drop-down menu select the itemSet timers.
A small window with several options will open soon after.

To disable hibernation on Fire Stick, you need to checkSleep OffandScreensaver Offand clickOKto apply the changes. After a few moments, a small summary popup will appear, click onOkto complete the procedure.

How To Disable Hibernation On Fire Stick Via ADB Shell

If the first method (via Utility) did not work correctly, you can disable hibernation on the Fire TV Stick, using the ADB Shell function present within the program.

Once ADBlink is connected to the Fire TV Stick,click on the ADB Shell buttonto open the Command Prompt from which to launch certain commands.

PLEASE NOTE:If you are using a Mac but a warning has appeared that reads: ”Error creating command file“, to solve it you need to close ADBlink, move the program files to the Desktop and start it again.

The commands to execute are the following:

settings get system screen_off_timeout
  • This command will give you the default Screensaver value on your Fire TV Stick. This value is 300000, which is 5 minutes. 2147460000, which is approximately 24 days.
settings get secure sleep_timeout
  • This other command will instead give you the default value related to the suspension of your Fire TV Stick. This value is 1200000, which is 20 minutes.

To change these values ​​via the Shell, you need to run two more commands:

settings put system screen_off_timeout 2147460000

Running this command will tell the Fire Stick to start the Screensaver after 24 days of inactivity. In practice NEVER. The second command to run is the following:

settings put secure sleep_timeout 0

Running this other command will prevent the Fire TV Stick from going to sleep by itself.

Once these last 2 commands have been executed, you can re-launch the commands seen previously to check if the Screensaver and suspend have actually been disabled.

Alternative Via Apk

If the above methods work, you can avoid following this other method. This is simply an alternative to the methods discussed above.

This method involves installing an application on your Fire TV Stick. Unfortunately, in the Amazon App Store there are no applications capable of disabling the suspension of the Fire Stick.

Therefore it is necessary to download it from the Google Play Store in .apk format and then transfer it and install it on the Amazon device.

To download this application you need to connect tothis pageand click on theGenerate Download Linkitem . Make sure the address is in the search bar:com.synetics.stay.alive.

Immediately after click on the itemClick here to downloadcom.synetics.stay.aliveto download the application in .apk format.

Now, you just have to transfer the application in .apk format by following the instructions below:

Once you have downloaded the application in .apk format, the next step is to install the app on your Fire TV Stick. To do this, simply openADBlink, click onInstall APK, locate thecom.synetics.stay.alive_58: apps.evozi.com.apkapplication (the name may change) and click onOpen.

The program will ask you:Install Apks?click onYes. If everything went well, a popup will appear saying:Apk (s) installed. See log for details.

Immediately after, go to the Fire TV Stick and as if by magic, the application installed via ADBlink will be present in the main menu. Click on it, scroll down with the remote control and clickOK. Restart the application again andselect the function to keep the screen active.

  • Keep screen on while charging = Keep screen on while charging
  • Keep screen on while charging and on battery = Keep screen on while charging and on battery
  • Pause Stay Alive! = Pause, stay active


From now on, when you turn on the TV to watch something on your Fire TV Stick, you’ll pick up the action from the same spot you were in before.

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