How To Download And Play Teamfight Tatics Mobile

Teamfight Tatics Mobile: Riot Games autochess game is now available for Android and iOS. See how to download it and tips to start playing it! The autochess genre gained a lot of popularity over the past year when it started out as a game mode for Dota 2.

How to Download and Play Teamfight Tatics Mobile

Despite making such a success there, of course, several companies have started to create their own autochess game for their franchises or even for new series.

How to Download and Play Teamfight Tatics Mobile

One of the games that was quite successful in this medium was Teamfight Tatics , which was released within League of Legends as a game mode for PC also in 2019. Now, fortunately, Teamfight Tatics comes to mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Next, see how to download and play Teamfight Tatics Mobile.

What it takes to run Teamfight Tatics Mobile

Teamfight Tatics Mobile is available for phones and tablets running Android or iOS (iPhone system). See first the requirements to run it on Android:

  • Android 7 or higher;
  • 2 GB of RAM or more;
  • Arm64 v8a or x86_64 processor (This information can be checked with the AIDA64 program);
  • GPU with support for Open GL 3.0 or higher;
  • 1.5 GB of free storage space.

Those using an Apple phone will need to have an iPhone 6s or newer to run Team Fight Tatics Mobile and the same amount of free space mentioned above.

How to download Team Fight Tatics Mobile

The process to download Teamfight Tatics Mobile on your tablet and phone is very simple. Before proceeding, it is worth remembering that the game has cross-play support, that is, even those who are running the game on the PC can play with you. Check the step by step to install it:

1. Access Google Play or the App Store and download Teamfight Tatics Mobile;

2. Open the game normally and choose one of the available methods to login. If you already play it on the PC, you can use your Riot account;

3. After you have logged in, tap the “Confirm” button to finish downloading the necessary game files. Due to its size, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi connection;

4. After downloading, you can now play Teamfight Tatics in normal or ranked mode. If you prefer, you can also run the tutorial to understand a little more about its mechanics.

Tips for getting started with Teamfight Tatics

Like other autochess games, Teamfight Tatics’ goal turns out to be very simple. In it, you must choose some characters and position them on the “board” in the best possible way for them to fight. So, for example, you should leave tanks on the front line and the carriers at the back or on the flanks to be able to do more damage and defeat your opponent, which changes each turn.

The mechanics of the game, of course, are not limited to just joining the same character to make it stronger. You should also pay attention to the items that each character will carry and also in class, as they have different affinities.

To have a starting point for your first games, a good idea is to consult this table below, which was obtained on the official website of Teamfight Tatics Mobile and which was also developed by TFT Mobalytics, a website that contains various information about the current goal of the game.

Ready! You now know how to download Teamfight Tatics Mobile and where to start playing it.

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