Download Android Games To Train The Mind

You know that it does not matter to keep your body trained, but you must also keep your mind healthy (healthy mind in a healthy body) in fact just like the body the mind also needs exercises to keep it healthy and fit so as to stimulate your mental agility you don’t have to dedicate hours, but only a few minute during the day and you can do it very well playing certainly I’m not kidding you just have to take your mobile device and install the bestAndroid games to train the mindthat I recommend in this article.

Download Android Games to Train the Mind
Download Android Games to Train the Mind

Download Android Games to Train the Mind

To stimulate the mind you do not always have to perform difficult tests until you get a headache, but just use the applications in thePlay Storeand precisely the games to be used in a nice and fun way, so do not waste time and let’s start immediately first what do you read this article i suggest you some android games to train your mind and then take your mobile device and start installing them.


One of the best brain training appsthat I can recommend is calledLuminosity as soon as you install and open it, it immediately puts you at ease in fact you are in front of a rewarding and well-developed graphical interface designed to stimulate all areas in the brain.

As long as do you think this application was created by neuroscientists on purpose to stimulate memory based on neuroplasticity studies.

During the game there are various tests in which you are assigned scores with an index of intelligence that allows you to record your strengths and weakness of your brain, there is also a function where you can check your progress during the game.

Download Lumosity – mental training

NeuroNation-Train your mind

If you want to improve the performance of your mind you cannot miss in your mobile deviceNeuroNation-Train your mind an app in which you put a strain on all mental performance of your brain created by famous neuroscientists who have based themselves on primary and modern research in the field scientific.

The main features are to strengthen memory and improve concentration in order to increase intelligence and strengthen logical thinking, a way to challenge your limits and your mental abilities.

In fact remember that our brain can compare it if a muscle is not trained it goes limp try this application you will not regret it.

Download NeuroNation-Train your mind

Brain teasers with matches

Have you ever played the match game, then here is the version for your smartphonePuzzle with matches with 400 levels where you have to solve the various schemes presented.

A game where you will put your minds to the test by training your brain where you need to move, turn or remove until you perfectly perform the figure presented.

The interface is very fun and well developed and from the first levels you will be stimulated until you get to the most difficult levels, well then you just have to try it and start training your brain having fun.

Donwload Brain teasers with matches

Unblock Me Free

And from wooden matches we move on to wooden blocks with an app calledUnblock Me Freea sort of puzzle game where you have as objective to bring out a red block from the other browns using the least number of moves possible.

The game develops on 4 different difficulty levels starting from the beginner’s one up to the most difficult one with a number of 14,500 different puzzles where they keep you glued to the game for several hours.

I recommend using it with a brain …, you can challenge yourself in order to get the 3 stars offered at each solved level or choose to play relaxed in order to solve the brain teasers.

You have 21 trophies available then install the app and try to see if you can conquer them all in order to climb the ranking and be the champion.

Donwload Unlock me free version – Unblock Me FREE

Brain Puzzle

Are you ready to challenge your skills withBrain Puzzle a fun and addictive puzzle game, where you have to put your brain to the test with logic puzzles and intuition in a series of incredible challenge levels.

These games help you keep your mnemonic and logical skills without you realizing it, the interface of the game is very attractive and well executed and immediately from the first levels you will be involved up to the more difficult ones.

Well then you are ready to see where you can get with the power of your mind and share the results, then install this game app on your Android device.

Donwload Brain Puzzle

In conclusion

Remember to train your brain scientific studies have shown that it really behaves like a muscle and therefore it all depends on us whether to develop it or not, that’s all also this article titledAndroid games to train the mindends so I just have to add I’ll wait for you next.

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