Download Config PES 2021 Mobile So It Doesn’t Lag

Downloading the PES 2021 Mobile config so that it doesn’t lag is a way for players to overcome lag problems while playing. As a football game that has a fairly large size, so it will make some HP with potato specs will experience lag.

Download Config PES 2021 Mobile So It Doesn't Lag
Download Config PES 2021 Mobile So It Doesn’t Lag

PES 2021 Mobile is a game made by Konami. This game is a Mobile version of PES console and PC. This game has visuals that are close to the console and PC versions of PES. Therefore, the need for qualified HP specs is a top priority that must be obeyed by players.

Even so, there are still several ways to overcome lag or crashes when playing PES 2021 Mobile. One of them is the PES 2021 Mobile config. Well, on this occasion we will provide a link to download the config and install it on the cellphone.

Download Config PES 2021 Mobile So It Doesn’t Lag

Previously, we need to explain that this shared config can only be used for HP conditions with potato specs. Another thing to note is that to install this config you don’t need to root your cellphone, because it’s quite dangerous for your cellphone.

Well, here is the download link for the PES 2021 Mobile config that you can download for free.


Important Note: Download the above config accordingly then apply the steps to install it. If there are questions or an error occurs when the config is installed, you can ask in the comments column below.

How to Install Config

After you finish installing the PES 2021 Mobile Config so that it doesn’t lag above, then you can follow the steps below to install it:

  1. Prepare the ZArchiver application, or if you don’t have it, you can download it at thefollowing link.
  2. Then, extract the zip config file using ZArchiver.
  3. Next, copy the entire UE4Games folder to the Android folder on the internal storage.
  4. Just choose to overwrite the old file and the file will be replaced with the new config file.
  5. Close all applications and play PES 2021 Mobile on your cellphone.

Well, that was the download link and how to install the PES 2021 Mobile config so it doesn’t lag. What is your opinion about this? Don’t forget to comment below.

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