Easy Ways to Download Pinterest Videos from Telegram Free

Did you know that there is now a way to download Pinterest videos from Telegram. This process can also be done without a penny or free.

For photo and video lovers on Pinterest, this method is certainly very helpful. Because, before that, to download content on Pinterest, you needed a supporting application and even a fee to buy a premium account.

Easy Ways to Download Pinterest Videos from Telegram Free
Easy Ways to Download Pinterest Videos from Telegram Free

But it’s different if you download Pinterest videos from the Telegram application. Apart from not having to pay for it, the steps are also very easy, we will explain in full in the discussion section.

Before that, make sure you already have a Pinterest account and also Telegram on your smartphone and an internet connection of course. If so, now let’s move on to the full discussion below.

What is Pinterest?

For those who don’t know, Pinterest is a social network containing a collection of photos and videos with various themes. Most Pinterest users are fans of photography and videography, where they often look for references to upload their work on the service.

To create a Pinterest account is not difficult, the method is almost the same as creating an Instagram account and the like. By having this account, you can download content on Pinterest using the Telegram application.

How to Download Pinterest Videos From Telegram

Now we come to the main discussion, namely the Pinterest video download tutorial from Telegram. As we mentioned above, this process does not require special conditions or fees of any kind. You just need to follow the procedure as follows:

1. Open the Pinterest App

First, pleaselogin to Pinterest. If you don’t have the application, you can download it from theGoogle- Play Storeor theApp Store.

2. Search for the video to be downloaded

After successfully logging into Pinterest you just have tochoosewhichvideoyou want to download or search for it via theSearchcolumn .

3. Tap Copy Link

If so, thentap the three-dot iconin the lower right corner ->Copy Link.

4. Open Telegram

Nowrun Telegramand make sure the device used is connected to the internet.

5. Search for Pinterest Downloader

After that, tap the Search menu at the top then typePinterest Downloader. In the search results, select the top one (as shown above).

6. Tap Start

Then the display will change toHomefrom thePinterest Downloader Bot, just tapStart atthe bottom.

7. Select the Download Menu

Then you can select the Download menu or type the following command:/ download.

8. Paste the Pinterest Video Link

If so, a prompt will appear tocopy the Pinterest video linkyou have. The way to link the link is quite easy, namelylong press the chat column->paste.

9. Video Downloaded Successfully

Finally,the download process will take placeand you just have to wait until the video has been downloaded 100%. To save the downloaded to your smartphone, simply press the options menu (three dots) in the corner of the video file then selectSave to Gallery.


So that’s the Pinterest video download tutorial from Telegram that we can present. Through the method above, you can save various kinds of Pinterest content for free from Telegram

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