How To Download Pinterest Videos In 2024

Want to know how to download videos Pinterest? In this tutorial, I will share how to download videos from Pinterest with the help of 2 Pinterest online video downloader sites.

How To Download Pinterest Videos
How To Download Pinterest Videos

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for getting ideas for several subjects or other ideas. Pinterest can be said to be a perfect catalog for searching content for fashion, food, memes, wallpapers, quotes, writing, and more. Apart from the picture, you can watch videos on Pinterest. Here, you can watch DIY videos or other videos available on Pinterest.

If you find a useful video and you want to download it, there is a simple way to download Pinterest videos from your mobile or web. But, there is no direct way to download Pinterest videos from mobile or web.

How To Download Pinterest Videos

Here, I will review two free websites to download videos from Pinterest. This free online Pinterest video download website only requires Pinterest video URLs. After that, you can download as many videos as possible from Pinterest online.

Apart from downloading videos, you can download GIF too. Pinterest has a nice collection of funny GIFs. You can try various methods to download Pinterest GIF. Okay just following the 2 sites that can help you to download videos from Pinterest.

1. Catch.Tube

Catch.Tube is a Pinterest video downloader online and of course free. This site allows you to download videos with a URL. Using this video downloader, you can save videos from various platforms. Catch.Tube supports YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Dailymotion and other video platforms.

Links can be copied in two different ways:

Open the video you want to download -> copy all URLs from the Omnibox / address bar.
You can mouse over the video -> click the arrow at the bottom right of the video -> Copy link.

After that, you can paste the link on the Catch.Tube search engine. Then, you can click Catch Video. By doing this step, Catch.Tube Pinterest video downloader captures videos and videos ready for download.

To download videos, you will see an option titled Download video / Mp4 on the right. You can click it. However, videos cannot be downloaded directly. So, to download it, right-click on the video and save the video in the folder you specified. You can visit Catch.Tube [ from here ].

2. PHP Experts

PHP Experts is another free online Pinterest video downloader. This site allows you to download videos and photos from Pinterest. You can also download videos from Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

By Pinterest video downloader, you can download videos and GIFs on Pinterest. What you need is to enter the video URL and download the video in just one click.

To enter the URL, first, you must enter your Pinterest account on the web. Then, you can search for videos in the search bar, then copy any video links you want to download.

To download Pinterest videos, you have to copy the video link from your Pinterest account. You can follow the method mentioned above to copy the Pinterest video link.

Links that you copy can be posted on the PHP Experts search engine. After that, PHP Experts knows the video via the link. And after that, you can download videos on your laptop / PC.

To download videos, you can click on three vertical dots and download the video. Or, you can click the download link below -> right click -> save video as (in the specified folder). You can visit PHP Experts.

Thus the video download tutorial on Pinterest, hopefully this article is useful for you and thank you for visiting.

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