How To Download Songs On Joox To Listen Offline

Download Songs on Joox: Joox is a popular music streaming application that people use to listen to music online. One of Joox’s strengths is that it allows us to listen to music for free. But of course, this free version has disadvantages compared to the premium version.

How to Download Songs on Joox to Listen Offline
How to Download Songs on Joox to Listen Offline

One disadvantage of the free version of Joox is that you can’t do the next song continuously. As for the Joox premium, you can play the song next song as you like. But the advantage is that we can download Joox songs so they can be heard online. So the song is not streamed repeatedly.

This will certainly save you internet quota expenses, especially if listening to music is a routine thing that you do every day.

How to download songs on Joox to listen offline

This tutorial applies to Joox on Android or iOS. What’s important is that your Joox application is the latest version. Immediately, here’s how to download songs from Joox:

1. Open the Joox application on your Android. Then find which song you want to download. Touch the colonnext to the title again.

2. Several options will appear. Click the top option, which isDownload with high quality.

3. Two more choices will appear, namelyMediumandHigh. TheHighoption can only be selected if you are a Joox premium user. Whatever you want to choose, here I choose the High.

4. Next Joox will start downloading the song of your choice. The download is indicated by the down arrow icon next to the title again.

After the song is downloaded using the above method, you can now play the song offline. So, it is very effective to use when you are traveling to places where there is no internet connection. Songs will not be streamed repeatedly every time you listen to them because the song is already stored on the device.

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