How To Download Twitter Videos From Your Mobile Device

At some point you will have seen a video on your social networks that has caught your attention and you have surely wanted to share it with friends and family through WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook or you simply want to store it on your Smartphone.

How To Download Twitter Videos From Your Mobile Device
How To Download Twitter Videos From Your Mobile Device

How To Download Twitter Videos From Your Mobile Device

However, at present a direct way to obtain these files has not been designed, but there is an external way to achieve it. In the next post we will explain how to copy a video from Twitter in simple steps.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that exist today. It is used by millions of people, including politicians, artists from television, music, sports and many more.

This works like a microblogging service because it allows you to share short thoughts, which are called Tweets, as well as images and videos.

It is a very useful tool in which you can find important information and news up to date and time since it has become a means of communication widely used by large corporations to notify or warn users of certain events and events.

But Twitter is also a great source of entertainment where you can find funny and even romantic profiles, so between images, videos and phrases this application will make your moments more pleasant.

Now, we know that it is very easy to take an image or a verse just by taking a screenshot, but what if we want to store a video on our mobile device? Here’s how to download videos from Twitter.

Twitter is available in the Google Play and App Store digital stores. Download it by clicking on the following links:



How to download videos from Twitter?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, although a direct option has not been created that allows us to download a video from the app, there is an external means by which it is possible to acquire it regardless of the mobile device you use. So, you can share the tapes of your interest with friends and family.

Download Twitter videos with Android

Each operating system works differently, therefore, here is how to download a video from Twitter with an Android device.

Keep in mind that there are only two possible ways to achieve this: through an app or with the help of the web. We will explain both processes to you!

Download from the web

If you download videos frequently, you should know that you can use the web as a tool to obtain your favorite audiovisuals and avoid saturating your cell phone storage. Then follow these steps to know how to copy a video from Twitter :

Enter the Twitter app from your Android

  • Locate the video you want to download and click on the step at the top right of the publication.
  • Immediately you will see a window with various options, you will have to select « copy Tweet link »
  • Once you have copied the link, open the search engine and copy the following address or click on it:
  • Next, a page will open that will ask you to enter the video link. Go ahead and paste it and click ” download ” to start the process.
  • Next, you will see different quality alternatives in which you can download your video, choose the one you want.
  • Finally, select the download option so that the video is saved in your mobile folder and that’s it! You will have completed the process, review your files and enjoy or share your video whenever you want.

Download with an App on Android or iOS

If you are a fan of Twitter videos and at the same time have a smartphone, you can download an app that allows you to perform this action in a more comfortable way. Next, we will introduce you to different applications:

Video – GIF Downloader for Twitter

This is one of the different tools focused on downloading videos from the Twitter platform, although you also have the option to download GIFs.

It is known for being simple and easy to use, the first thing you should do when you enter Twitter is located the video you want to download and then click on the tab located in the upper right part of the Tweet.

Once the window opens and throws the different options, you must select: ” Share Tweet via … “. Immediately, several alternatives will appear including your new app, select it and click on « Download ».

In a few minutes you will have the video stored in the download folder of your Smartphone. Thanks to the fact that you have the file directly in your memory, you can share it on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, among others.

Unlike other free applications, this one does not contain so many ads that will hinder the search or contaminate the mobile device, that is why it is one of those recommended by users.

Enjoy video at any time without the need to be connected to a network or use data! To download this app on your mobile device from Google Play, click on the following link:


My media – Fyle Manager

Apple is a brand characterized by providing exclusivity to its customers so this time we will show you an application that you will find in the App Store, specially designed to store your favorite Twitter videos on your mobile.

Before anything else, the first thing you should do is download the app: My media- Fyle Manager from the App Store. When you have it, enter the application and select the browser (it is shaped like a globe) located on the left side of the lower strip.

When you open your browser, paste the following link: click “Enter” to enter. Then, go to Twitter (sooner or later) and locate the video you want to download.

Once you have found it, click on the step located at the top right of the publication, you will see a small window with various options, you will have to select “Copy Tweet link”.

Later, go back to the browser and paste the link in the field «enter video link …» and click «Download».

As soon as it is ready, you will find the file in the download folder of the app that you initially downloaded. Now you can enjoy it and those you want by doing the same operation! If you want to download the app, click on the following button:



With this application you can download videos not only from Twitter, you also have the option to do it on other platforms such as: Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, all in the same tool!

The process is quite simple and fast, you just have to copy the link of the video and paste it in the application. That’s it! The download will begin immediately. Also, you can click on the option “Share video” and start it directly in Clipbox.

One of the disadvantages of this application is that you can only save a piece of the video, so you should keep the most important since it is only 30 seconds. These will be stored in the phone’s memory and you can share it with your friends.

You have the option to change the title directly to better organize your files and easily find them when you need them.

In its Premium version, you can create a playlist to make it even easier to get them. Clipbox Pro (its paid version) has a longer time limit, which is 60 seconds.

In addition, you can create personalized lists and it does not contain those annoying ads that are in the way.

It is only available for iOS devices, in this case iPhone. In the link that you will see below, you can go directly to download it:



Many people think that, with this application, you can only download YouTube videos, but it is not true, it is also possible to do it through Twitter. In the package that the application has, it allows you to download audiovisuals from different social networks.

The process is very easy, in SnapTube you must select which platform (from the list there is) you want to download, in this case you will choose Twitter. Then you must choose which video you want to be stored in the internal memory of your mobile device.

Similarly, you can choose to use Twitter and when you see a video that you like, go to the share section and select SnapTube. It’s even faster!

It has no limits on how many files you can download and there are different qualities, all from a free and secure app.

It is one of the best you easily know how to copy a video from Twitter in a matter of seconds. It is available for iOS devices in the App Store, but in the case of Android, you must enter the official page of the application, in the links below, you can download them:

Download it official


Download Twitter Videos – Download Twitter videos

The applications to download videos from Twitter have grown over the years and currently, there is a great variety of Play Store.

Download Twitter Videos is one of the most popular tools for Android and some features are quite similar to the first one we mentioned, since you can also download GIFs, it is not only limited to audiovisuals.

There are two methods to download: The first is to copy and paste the link of the video in the application and the second, to do it directly on Twitter, in the sharing options Save time and go for the second option! It is easier and faster.

Thanks to its recognition system, the application will not download a video that you already have, this to prevent you from spending unnecessarily data (if you are using it) and save files that you already have.

Before starting a download, the tool will show you the quality and size of the video, in this way, you will have better handling of information and you will decide which one is more efficient according to what you need. You can have the high resolution if you want or if it is for something simple, the lowest.

Although it is the free version, there are no download limits and you can have several at the same time. It is simply a tool that fulfills its promise and is effective when doing its job, which is why many users are recommending it.

Get this free app for Android in the link that you will see below:


Tweet Video Download – Download videos from Twitter

To finish with this list we will introduce you to Tweet Video Download, one of the fastest tools you will find to download your Twitter videos and all thanks to multi-thread technology.

The app guarantees your safety, but how? You can browse Twitter to find the file you want to download without having to log in. You will simply need the link of the video and paste it. Just that! Then you can start it whenever you want.

In case you want a more direct method, you can use the Twitter platform as you have always done and the moment an audiovisual catches your attention, go to the share section and select Tweet Video Download to download it.

You can download more than one video in its different qualities, from the highest to the lowest, but that’s not all, you can also do the same with images or photos in HD.

And you can manage and organize in the way you feel most comfortable and according to your needs, for example you can prioritize one download over another in case you need it more urgently and have it resume at any time.

Currently, the update features dark mode just like Facebook, giving the app a bit more character and flair. Get it for free for Android in your Play Store or use the link that you will see below:

Best app button to download in google:


Frequent questions

What is the best application to download on Twitter?

Among all those that we mentioned during the article, the most multifaceted is SnapTube, since it is not only limited to Twitter, there are also other social networks and platforms from which you can download.

In addition, you have the option of navigating on Twitter using this as if it were the same app.

But, in the same way, Tweet Video Download has its merits, because, in addition to videos, it can also download images and photos in HD quality quickly and easily.

Which is better? That depends on the user. There are some who even prefer simpler and less heavy apps, so Download Twitter Videos is the best in that case.

Are apps or the web better?

Both have their advantages, but it is preferable to choose the application Why? Mainly, they are more practical and easy to use, in addition it is safer for the phone since there is a low probability that it contains viruses.

It is the opposite with web pages which are known to cause problems with computers and devices, so it is advisable to use the app method.

Why install applications to download videos on Twitter?

In this age of technology, social media has been a “boom” and everyone wants to share interesting content that other people may like, but also meet personal needs.

In general, these are found on different pages that do not give us the possibility of storing them on our mobile devices.

However, like everything else, there is a solution! And in this article we explain how to copy a video from Twitter, it is very simple if you use the correct methods, which we propose throughout the post. Regardless of whether your Smartphone is Android or iOS, you can reach them and share them with whoever you want.

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