How to Eliminate Google Searches?

We all know that Google is the world’s leading search engine. Anything we want to investigate we do through it. Even if we want to know how toRemove Google Searches.

How to Eliminate Google Searches?
How to Eliminate Google Searches?

Basically, on Google you will find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. From tutorials to videos, in this medium there is everything, it is even open to shameful searches that we want to erase.

If your case is to eliminate Google Searches, here we bring you the solution. With a simple tutorial say goodbye to that search that could embarrass you if someone else sees it. It is also useful for clearing the cache and optimizing the performance of your computer.

Guide to Delete Google History

To get rid of embarrassing searches, what you need to do isdelete your search history on Google.This action can be done from your computer or from your mobile.

Next we will leave you a guide where you will learn to eliminate Google searches both on your computer and on your mobile.

From your computer

  • The first thing you should do in this case is to access your Google account.
  • Then locate the Data and Personalization option that you will find in the options on the left side of the screen.
  • Once there, look for theActivity and Chronology option, when you click on it, the My Activity option will be displayed, there the Delete Activity By function will appear.
  • To make it easier, choose the option“Since Always”in the date section, so you would beeliminating all Google Searches.

From your Android mobile

Many of us use the mobile to search for things quickly in our Chrome browser, sometimes these searches take up space in our RAM memory, sodeleting the history is an option to improve the performance of your mobile.

  • To start, open the Chrome browser on your mobile.
  • Locate the three points that are in the upper right.
  • Click on them and a bar will be displayed where you must select the History option.
  • By clicking on history, all the pages visited and the searches made in Google will be displayed.
  • You can do it manuallyby clicking on the Xor,clicking Clear browsing data.
  • Then select Clear data.
  • to finish Select where it says Delete.

Questions and answers

As you could already see, eliminating Google searches is a fairly simple process both from your computer and from your mobile. However, when doing so, you may have some doubts.

Aware of this, we have brought you this section of Questions and Answers to clarifyany questions you have with the elimination of Google history and its implications.

Can I recover the deleted history?

It is likely that you have deleted the history by mistake or, you are sorry that you did. You even want to find a page that you visited in the past and you don’t remember its name, but you go to the history and unfortunately you deleted it.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover deleted history. Once you decide to eliminate Google Searches there is no going back, this applies to both your computer and your mobile.

How to delete search history from Google Play?

Google Play is the main platform where we download our Android Apps, to locate them, it is necessary to search for them on this platform and in the same way, this data accumulates.

To optimize the performance of your mobile, you can try toclear the Google Play Search History. Here we explain in a simple way how to do it:

  • With the Google Play Store open, locate the three horizontal lines in the upper left, press them and the menu will display.
  • There, you must look for the configuration and click on it, then choose the option that says General.
  • Then, the option to Clear Local Search history will appear, press it and then confirm your decision to finish.

It is important to note that it is recommended that from time to time wedelete these Google search historiesso that they do not occupy unnecessary space on our devices.

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