How To Overcome Google Play Services Has Stopped On Android

Google Play Service is a system application that is embedded by default on Android. This application functions to connect Android phones with Google services as a whole. Examples are Google Drive, Google Search, Gmail, Google Docs, and many more.

How to Overcome Google Play Services Has Stopped on Android

But sometimes Google Play Services often stops on its own. This will certainly cause problems for your cellphone. Starting from not being able to receive emails, can’t download applications on Google Play, and many more.

But take it easy, because these problems can be overcome. who are currently having Google Play services on their cellphones with problems, can follow the tutorial below.

How to Overcome Google Play Services Has Stopped on Android

There are at least two ways that I always do to deal with Google Play services stop on Android. Namely clear the cache and data and factory reset. Please read more below:

1. Clear Data and Cache

The first and easiest step to do is to clear the Google Play Service application cache and data. To do this is very easy, it doesn’t even need an additional application. Just follow the tutorial below:

  • Enter the Settings menu on Android phone. After that selectApplications & notifications.
  • Then select the Google Play Serviceapplication orGoogle Play Service.
  • After entering the Google Play Services application info page, select Storage.
  • Then click the REMOVE CACHE button.
  • Next click on REMOVE STORAGE button.


Use your Android phone as usual. If there really isn’t a serious error, then it should not appear any more errors on Google Play Services.

2. Perform a Factory Reset

If the first method fails to resolve the Google Play Services stop, try this second method. This second way we will restore Android phone or factory reset.

But keep in mind, if you do this then all data and applications will be lost. So make sure you backup everything.

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