How To Enable Google Feed In Nova Launcher

One of the best features in Google Stock Launchers is quick access to the Google Feed. This started with the Google Now Launcher and continued in Pixel Launcher. However, you can also just add it to Nova Launcher.

How to Enable Google Feed in Nova Launcher
How to Enable Google Feed in Nova Launcher

How to Enable Google Feed in Nova Launcher

The Google Feed, which started many months ago as Google Now, is a quick way to access stories that Google believes will appeal to you. You can customize the content so that it remains relevant to your interests and have the rest done. Once you’ve taken the time to set it up properly, this is a great way to get the news that matters to you.

In both the Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher, you can quickly access the Google Feed by clicking on the start screen on the far left. However, this was not possible with external starters. For this reason, a companion app has been created for Nova Launcher to activate this function.

The appropriately named Nova Google Companion app does exactly what the name suggests: adds a Google Feed area to Nova Launcher. This is a great way to get the pixel-like functionality from a probably better launcher.

There is only one catch: the Google Companion cannot be uploaded to the Play Store (more on this shortly), so you have to reload it. If you are not familiar with this, check out our primer. It should tell you everything you need to know.

Install the Nova Google Companion

Due to the Google Play rules, the Nova Google Companion is not permitted in the Play Store. The short explanation here is that the app is a debug-enabled client (a necessary workaround for this to work at all) and therefore cannot be published in the Play Store. So you have to charge it.

As highlighted above, you need to enable page loading before you can install the app. In Nougat (Android 7.x) and below you will find this under Settings> Security> Unknown sources.

In Oreo (Android 8.x), sideloading is activated on an app basis.

So you need to go to Settings> Apps> Browser> Advanced> Install Unknown Apps. If you have any problems, here is a detailed guide that can clear it up.

Once activated, you will need to download the Nova Google Companion APK from APK Mirror. You will likely receive a warning that this type of file can harm your device. When this appears, just tap the “OK” button. This is a trusted app from a trusted source.

When the file is downloaded, pull down the notification area and tap to start the installation. Tap the “Install” button and let it do its job. When you’re done, tap the “Done” button. Now go back to your home screen and swipe to the left screen.

You may need to give the app permission to save app activity here. Just tap “Turn on” to make it happen.
That’s all – the Google Feed is now part of Nova. Kind.

Customize or disable Google Feed integration

There aren’t many customization options built right into the launcher, but there are a few improvements. Go to the Nova Novelle settings menu and tap on the “Integrations” option.

The first settings on the “Integrations” page relate to the Google feed page (in the starter itself is called Google Now): The first time you switch the setting is activated/deactivated, with the second setting you can jump from the edge of a starter page to the right to your feed, and the last one optimizes the animation.

Finally, you can use the button directly below these options to search for updates for the Google Companion. Dead easy.

The Google Feed is poorly received by many users, but honestly, it’s good if you take the time to adjust it. Fortunately, we have a guide on how to get the most out of your Google feed. If you haven’t checked this yet, you can optimize the Google Feed to help you.

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