How to Enable Monetization In stream Ads on Facebook

What are the steps to monetize a Facebook account and how to activate in-stream ads on Facebook. How to achieve success in monetizing the Facebook platform, especially the videos we upload.

Monetization: How to Enable In stream Ads on Facebook

As we know, Facebook has become a very popular platform for sharing any content, both for personal and professional purposes.

How to Activate In-stream Ads on Facebook

For those of us who want to monetize a fanpage or professional Facebook account by activating in-stream ads on Facebook, the following steps will walk us through the process.

1. First, please open the professional Facebook dashboard or Facebook fan page.

2. At the top, there is a downward facing arrow icon. Click the icon and select “ Manage ” or “ Dashboard “.

3. Next, scroll down to find and press ” Monetization “. After clicking “Monetization”, a notification will appear regarding the monetization process. If there is a payment notification below it, don’t worry because this process is complete.

4. After that, you will be directed to the monetization page. If you see in-stream ads not appearing on your features, it means your account is not yet eligible for monetization. However, if the in-stream ad appears at the top, it is a sign that your account can be monetized.

5. The next step is to activate in-stream advertising. Click on the “In stream Ads” option, and a new display will appear.

6. Press the top right corner corresponding to the red arrow that shows the button to activate in-stream ads.

Once you click the button, you will get a notification about enabling ads so that your video gets ads. Continue following the instructions to complete the process.

Done, How to Activate In-stream Ads on Facebook, don’t forget to comment and share this guide if you find it useful. Good luck in activating FB in-stream ads and success in monetizing your fanpage or professional Facebook account.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to activate in-stream ads on FB and we hope it helps you maximize your monetization potential on the Facebook platform.

Some questions

1. Do these steps apply to personal accounts on Facebook?

No, these steps are specifically for monetizing fanpages or professional Facebook accounts.

2. Can I enable in-stream ads if my account is not yet eligible?

No, in stream ads can only be enabled once your account meets monetization requirements.

3. Do I need to pay to monetize a Facebook account?

No, monetizing a Facebook account is a free process.

Optimizing monetization and how to enable in-stream ads on Facebook is an important step to maximize the potential revenue from the content you share.

By following this guide, you can reach a stage where your account is ready for monetization and drive success in doing so.

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