Entertainment at Your Fingertips | Online Entertainment Apps

If you ask people these days where they get most of their online entertainment, the likely answer you will get is on their mobile phones.

Online Entertainment Apps
Online Entertainment Apps

Entertainment at Your Fingertips | Online Entertainment Apps

Everything from our banking to our communication is now done primarily through our smartphones and with over half the population of the world with access to mobile phones, this reliance is only going to grow.

Before, we used to turn to computers or the television for entertainment, but now we have access to all of that in the palm of our hands.

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of entertainment apps that people are enjoying on their mobile phones!

Streaming Apps

Why force yourself to sit in front of the television when you can watch it on your phone just as easily? Alright, I know, some things are better to watch on the big screen.

But with more people cutting the cable cord and relying strictly on streaming platforms, the way we watch shows and movies has probably changed forever.

Streaming your favorite shows from sites like Netflix or Disney+ is much more flexible than having to flip through channels to find something you want to watch.

Another reason why streaming on your phone is so great: you can actually watch it with your friends or family at the same time you are video calling them. Technology has really brought us closer together, especially when our loved ones are halfway around the world.

Having streaming apps on your phone or tablet is also a great way to pass the time on a long commute to work or even as you workout at the gym.

You can even stream your favorite team’s game when the rest of your family kicks you off the television! It really makes you wonder how we ever lived without the ability to stream things on demand!

Online Casino Apps

Sure your state might not have yet legalized online gambling, but the pace we are going it’s likely will be in the next few months. The US has become one of the hottest online gambling markets in the world with states like Louisiana, New York, and Arizona recently joining the long list of states that have legalized the activity.

Gambling has a long history in America and while most of the attention has been in Nevada and New Jersey, there are plenty of other states joining the market with each passing year.

New USA online casinos have become a major hit among smartphone users, as people can enjoy finding new casino games in the comfort of their own homes.

Seeking out a land-based casino can be an onerous task at times, so why not just relax on your couch and play some virtual slots or poker right in the palm of your hand.

New USA online casinos bring a whole world of entertainment possibilities with their mobile apps, so if your state has legalized online gambling, there are plenty of online casino apps for you to choose from!

You might be skeptical and wondering how realistic these online casino apps can be. Well, whether you play on an Android or an iPhone, the graphics and audio for these online casino apps are state of the art.

You can enjoy finding new games to play and also enjoy classic casino games like blackjack, pai-gow, and of course, video slots.

Online Entertainment Apps
Online Entertainment Apps

Mobile Video Game Apps

Mobile gaming is quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar global industry. There are competitive mobile gaming tournaments with millions of dollars up for grabs to the winners! Mobile video game apps are no longer just playing titles like Snake or Angry Birds.

Our smartphones are becoming so advanced that we can play any kind of game we want to, whether it is online sports, first-person shooters, or even online RPGs.

The one downside to playing these games on our phones is that it drains the battery and prevents us from being productive. Still, rather than being tied to a console at the television or at your gaming computer, you can literally play mobile games anywhere there is a WiFi connection.

Mobile gaming is only going to grow over the next decade, and with the broader rollout of 5G networks, the experience is only going to improve!

Educational Apps

Who said learning isn’t fun? There are a ton of educational apps for those who like to be productive with their time. Why not spend ten minutes every day learning a new language or perhaps learning to code?

There is literally an app for everything these days so if you’ve ever wanted to learn things but have used ‘not having the time’ as an excuse, then these apps are perfect for your busy life.

The best part about a lot of these educational apps is that they are completely free! While some of them will offer extended courses or more access to material for a paid subscription, a majority of educational apps are free to just download and use. Why pay for an online course when you can get incredible lessons from your phone whenever you have time to do them!

Online Entertainment Apps
Online Entertainment Apps

Podcast Apps

It seems like every brand or celebrity has their own podcast these days! We’re not against it either! Podcasts are great to listen to in the car, on the train, or even out buying groceries.

Most podcasts are completely free to download through your mobile podcast app and can provide hours of free entertainment from some engaging podcast hosts.

While some people prefer to listen to music on their phones, a growing number of people are turning to podcasts to fill the silence.

As with most mobile apps, there is a podcast for basically any topic you can think of! From parenting to finance to the analysis of television shows, there is something out there for everyone! Podcasts are also a great way to connect with your favorite celebrities, authors, or even company CEOs.

So next time you want to throw something on while going for a run check our mobile podcast app for the latest releases! With a good podcast, you are never alone!

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