Everything We Know About Far Cry 6 (So Far)

The Far Cry video game franchise is one of the most beloved by gamers today. Its charm is huge open-world maps, a wide range of weapons, Hollywood-esque storylines, and over-the-top characters that would put to shame ones you’d find inside a luxy Las Vegas casino.

Everything We Know About Far Cry 6 (So Far)

The sixth installment of the series will be Far Cry 6, set to debut sometime in 2021 (an exact release date is up in the air due to COVID delays). The game is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of the new year. With that said, here’s the latest, must-know details on the upcoming game:

Far Cry 6 Main Plot

Far Cry 6 Main Plot
Far Cry 6 Main Plot

Like we said before, the franchise has long had a penchant for dynamic storytelling. Typically it involves exotic locations, both real and fictional, and lunatic villains like cult leaders and pirates.

Par for the course, the early details of the Far Cry 6 plot line are attention-grabbing. This time around, the action takes place on a fictional island dubbed Yara — which is said to be inspired by Cuba.

And surprise surprise, the island is ruled by evil dictator Anton Castillo, who serves as the game’s main antagonist. Proving the voice for the villain will be none other than Gus Fring of Breaking Bad fame.

Furthermore, the game takes place in the present-day, but with a twist. Narrative director Navid Khavari hinted the island is “frozen in time” due to the fascisit dictator. Therefore, Yara will resemble more of the 1960s than 2020s and that includes the game’s weapons and vehicles.

Gamers will play the character of Dani Rojas, who will lead a rebellion against the dictatorship. But players have the option to either make Dani a male or female character akin to Far Cry 5.

Open World Possibilities

Of course, a staple of the Far Cry franchise is open-world chaos. Anything goes as players have the luxury of following the main storyline, engaging in side missions, or just roaming around the locale and raising absolute hell.

Given the island setting of Yara, expect a wide range of areas for players to explore. Within Yara, there’s jungles, beaches, small neighborhoods, and urban cities.

The trailer also showed glimpses of the country capital, which is dubbed Esperaza. And buckle up because game developers, Ubisoft, have said Yara is “the largest Far Cry playground to date.”

Open World Possibilities
Open World Possibilities

Debut Trailer

Speaking of the trailer, as of right now, it’s the closest look we have at Far Cry 6 — only it features no true gameplay footage. Instead, the trailer sets up the game’s story arc with a slew of cutscenes and a montage. Yura appears to be in a state of despair as government militia and revolutionists are engaged in an all-out conflict.

As you’d expect with a game based on Cuba, guerrilla warfare will be at the game’s forefront. Players will have to enlist other game characters to join them in the revolutionary fight. From there, it’s tactical warfare through the farmlands, jungles, and eventually, the city.

Release Day Rumors

Word on the Internet is Far Cry 6 will launch on May 25. Gamers settled on that date after the title’s store page on Xbox listed the date as a release date. If true, it’s about three months after the original scheduled launch of February 18.

Far Cry 6 will be available on both last and current-gen consoles for Playstation and Xbox. Moreover, Microsoft Windows and Google Stadia will also carry the installment.

On top of the standard edition, the game will have multiple special copies available for purchase. There’s a Gold Edition that includes a season pass with three pieces of downloadable content (DLC). Then there’s Ultimate pack which includes the same DLC, plus more outfits and weapons.

For the most hardcore players, Ubisoft is releasing a Collecter’s edition that comes with an art book, full-fledged map, keyring, and get this, a seven-piece replica flamethrower. Holy smokes!

Personally, we can hardly wait for Far Cry 6 to launch given the information above and other details that Ubisoft is surely holding close to its vest. If previous games are any indication, Far Cry 6 will be a non-stop thrill ride.

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