Far Cry 5 | Cheats, Missions, Trophies And Achievements

We insert the tricks and the Far Cry 5 guide , the game developed by Ubisoft is available on PS4 – Xbox One and PC. Specifically, we provide you with guides to unlock the trophies and objectives present in the title.

Far Cry 5 | Cheats, Missions, Trophies and Achievements
Far Cry 5 | Cheats, Missions, Trophies and Achievements

Far Cry 5 | Cheats, Missions, Trophies and Achievements

We also see how to find collectibles and solve some secondary missions. Far Cry 5, compared to the previous chapters, integrates many differences mainly focused in the gameplay:

  • You will create your character
    Unlike the previous titles, this fifth chapter will not have a predefined character, so the player can choose the gender of the character.
  • Greater freedom of exploration
    At any time of the game you can go wherever you want without constraints related to the mission to be carried out.
  • You can finish the whole game in co-op
    There will be no dedicated mode, in fact you can play the whole adventure in the company of a friend.
  • Reputation Matters
    In Far Cry 5 a Reputation and Stamina system has been added, which if properly improved will lead to changes in the game world.
  • All environments will have unique characteristics
    Ubisoft ensures that each game area will have unique characteristics that change according to the antagonist that controls it.
  • No more radio towers
    There will be no towers to climb to expand and reveal the map.

Far Cry 5 Guide – How to Unlock Clutch Nixon Stunts (Greatest FdP in History)

Far Cry 5 features eight Clutch Nixon stunts , performing them all will earn you the“Greatest FdP in History” trophy / achievement.

All Clutch Nixon stunts are available after the prologue and will be marked on the map as you approach. There are 3 regions in total , so we need to complete 3 stunts per region.

We will also unlock new vehicles for our garage (seaplanes, cars, boats) and also a lot of money and 200 upgrades. Each stunt will be performed with a different vehicle (aircraft, car, wingsuit, quad). In the video you will find the places where the stunts are present and how to deal with them all, while below you can read the exact timeline.

  • Joseph’s Region: # 1 – Spray and Pray – 0:05
    # 2 – Baptism of Fire – 3:15
  • Faith Region: # 3 – Decente Dan’s Folie – 5:17
    # 4 – Old Glory Holes – 7:39
    # 5 – Godspeed – 10:33
  • Jacob’s Region: # 6 – The Mooseknuckle Run – 12:37
    # 7 – The lord of the wings – 15:46
    # 8 – Quadzilla – 17:21

Far Cry 5 Guide – How To Unlock Trophy Trophy

Joyfully destroy a cult property in each region (Solo Campaign only).

There are 4 regions with sect properties. By destroying a property in each region we can unlock this trophy.
The video shows the place where each property of the sect is located, while below there is a timeline with the exact minute.

# 1 – Dutch’s Region (Shrines) – 0:05
# 2 – Jacob’s Region (Wolf Beacon) – 0:24
# 3 – Region of Faith (Shrines) – 0:45
# 4 – John’s Region (Silo) – 1:08

Far Cry 5 Guide – How to Unlock Trophy: Science Says Helping Larry – Alien Mission

To unlock this trophy, you must complete an optional Alien mission . The mission is given by Larry in John’s region , he is located at “Parker Laboratories” just west of Fall’s End (the main town in John’s region).

Larry is trapped behind an electrical barrier. You can disable it by turning the 3 nearby generators (they are marked on the map once Larry is discovered). Once Larry is released, he will give you some side missions to follow.

The missions in total are 4:

1) Larry free
2) The hero’s journey
3) Close encounters
4) Out of this world

Always return to Larry after completing one of his missions. Completing all the questlines will earn you the “Science Says” trophy/achievement. Remember that this trophy can be unlocked at any point in the game, even after finishing the story.

Far Cry 5 Guide – How to Unlock Hope County Fishery Master Trophy

To unlock this achievement you need to get all 4 fishing rods in Far Cry 5. You can find them all in every shop in the game. The rods are listed under Weapons, Fishing rods.

Before starting, we strongly recommend that you unlock the “Fisher King” upgrade . You will need this for fishing rod # 3 and # 4. You will also need to choose the correct flies for each fish (salmon, sea bass, trout, sturgeon).


1) Basic Fishing Rod = Available to buy at any shop for $ 300 (available at any fishing spot for free)

2) Natural Fishing Rod = Purchase from any store for $ 800

3) Wonderboy Fishing Rod = Complete Skylar’s mission . It is found at “Dylan’s Master Bait Shop” in the Jacob region. You will have to do 3 missions: Tools of the Trade, Gone Fishin ‘, The Admiral. Watch the video to find their location on the map.

4) oldbetsy fishing rod= You must beat the records of each area in HARD Fishing Spots. There is a bulletin board at each region’s locations (Fall’s End, Hope County Jail, Wolf’s Den). S.

On the blackboard is shown the weight of the fish you have to catch or rather the weight to overcome to break the record. The weight of the fish you catch is random, it will take multiple attempts to catch a large enough fish. Be sure to purchase the Fisher King upgrade. Then select the correct flies for the fish. If you already have the third rod, it will be quite easy.

Far Cry 5 guide – How to find all animals and fish, Complete hunting and fishing challenges

In Far Cry 5 we will have to catch 16 animals and 12 fish to unlock the trophy/achievement Already seen, already done. This guide shows all the locations of the animals and fish to be caught.

Before You Begin:

Complete the story in John’s region to unlock the “Boomer” dog. The dog will smell nearby animals and mark them on the map. This device saves a lot of time.

For the trophy Already seen, already done, you will have to complete every hunting challenge. Captured animals can be tracked by going to the Challenges menu and scrolling down to the “Hunt” section. We must complete all the challenges listed in that menu.

The animals are usually found within a radius of 200 meters around the hunting area, so just walk with Boomer for a minute. In the video you will find all the hunting places.

How to unlock all Far Cry 5 endings

There are 3 endings in Far Cry 5 : good ending, bad ending, secret ending (alternate during the prologue) and boss fight ending. Let’s see how to unlock them all:

  • Secret ending during the prologue – 0:05
    When you need to handcuff Father Joseph, don’t press any buttons and wait a few minutes. After a while you will leave and the story will end there.
  • Bad ending (resist the end / nuclear bad ending) – 4:11
    At the end of the game, choose the “Resist” option. This is the “real” ending with a real boss. This is also the bad ending.
  • Good
    ending (walk) – 7:03 pm At the end of the game, choose the “Walk” option. You will drive away and the game ends abruptly, it is not clear what happened after this scene.
  • Boss John Finale – 21:54
    Get maximum stamina in John’s region and kill Boss John.
  • Boss Faith Finale – 11:15 pm
    Maximize the stamina points in Faith’s region and kill Chief Faith.
  • Boss Jacob Final – 24:58
    Get maximum stamina in Jacob’s region and kill Boss Jacob.

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