Facebook Dating: Facebook Competes Tinder With Dating

Facebook Dating is official: the company activates the Tinder competition in the United States. Flirting is now much easier: no need to leave Facebook.

Facebook Dating: Facebook Competes Tinder With Dating
Facebook Dating: Facebook Competes Tinder With Dating

Facebook Dating: Facebook Competes Tinder With Dating

What was initially a social network has now become a huge conglomerate of web services, mobile applications, hardware, advertising agency … Any technological gap with a certain ability to win will be enough for Facebook to try to sneak in . And he still had the segment of dating applications.

Contacts apps are the most popular in smartphones. It is logical since, as almost all of us have a permanently connected mobile, it offers a simple gateway for anyone who wants to ring the bell.

Yes, the metaphor has a double reading, just like the new Facebook Dating service : it puts Facebook users in contact with the counterpart of giving even more data to the social network.

Find people similar to you with Facebook Dating: valid for Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Dating, the direct rival of Tinder , was being tested in certain Latin American countries, and is now official: it has definitely been presented, so far in the United States. It will arrive in Europe in early 2020.

How does Facebook Dating work ? It is quite similar to Tinder, both in the way of making contacts and in the specific selection of like-minded people. If the user is at least 18 years old, and has the latest version of the Facebook app, you can sign up for Dating by filling out the profile with the interests, preferences and other information that you consider of interest.

The system will cross the profile with the rest of the candidates and offer related profiles according to the location; being able to show interest or rejection with the heart or with the “X”. Tinder, go.

The Facebook Dating keys are as follows:

  • Dating allows you to connect and share with Facebook and Instagram Stories. In this way the profile is enriched since it can be more varied than a simple image.
  • Secret platonic love or «Secret crush» . This mode will allow you to connect with Facebook friends who have shown interest through Dating.
    Facebook Dating allows you to add Instagram photos to the profile.
    Dating will allow you to subscribe to events and groups where you can find like-minded people.
  • Messenger will enable the secure exchange of appointments.

Facebook ensures that Dating will maintain the privacy and security of users. This is a sensitive issue not only because of the background of the social network, but also because of how sensitive personal communications can be. At the moment we are left without trying it, but it will arrive in Europe at the beginning of next year.

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