How To Use Facebook Messenger Rooms From The Instagram App

Facebook Messenger Rooms: Instagram is immediately integrated with the Messenger Rooms feature on Facebook and can accommodate more than 50 participants.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms from the Instagram App

Instagram has now been integrated with video calls on Facebook Messenger Rooms. Announced directly by Instagram, the feature can be directly accessed through the application and accommodates up to 50 participants in one video call.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms from the Instagram App

“An easy way to video chat with 50 favorite people? Yes, please start today, you can create Messenger Rooms on Instagram and invite anyone to join,” Instagram wrote on its upload on Twitter.

This new feature will support group calls of up to 50 people, far more than WhatsApp. This feature is based on integration with Facebook’s Messenger Rooms themselves. To set up Messenger Rooms on Instagram and invite people to join you, here are the steps you need to take.

1. Open Instagram and open the Direct Message feature in the upper right corner
2. Then open the camera icon in the upper right corner
3. Select the “Create a Room” menu at the top of the screen that has a blue symbol
4. Then, you can send a link to friends on Instagram by marking it with a thick blue symbol next to their name
5. Click Send at the bottom of the screen
6. Then click Join Room and you will be taken out of Instagram to Messenger Rooms.

This method requires you to install the Facebook Messenger application on your mobile. Because, this is not just Instagram video chat, but rather the integration to start Facebook Messenger Room. Meanwhile, Instagram hasn’t confirmed when this feature will be released globally.

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